The Popcorn Stand: Hump Day is Monday in this Arizona town

The only thing that would have made this story better is if it would have happened on a Wednesday.

A couple of camels were spotted wandering in an Arizona neighborhood on Monday, so the Pima County Sheriff’s Department was called out with the help of workers from the Pima Animal Care Center to round them up. It would have been awesome if these camels managed to roam through some office. On a Wednesday. But it is fitting I’m writing this Popcorn Stand on a Wednesday.

Of course I’m referring to one of the classic GEICO commercials the insurance company has brought back so fans can vote for their favorite. No word if one of those who detained the camels was named Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike.

Alas the camels were rounded up and returned to a place called Camels and Friends. One of the camels briefly escaped on Tuesday, but a neighbor was able to use some hay to lure it back home. Who knew camels ate hay? A llama and a goat were also spotted wandering the area.

I do have to say the camel Hump-Day is my favorite among the GEICO classic commercials, although the little piggy screeching weeeeee all the way home in the back of the car is a close second.

I think it would be kind of cool to have camels roaming in my neighborhood in the same way wild horses frequent the area of Carson City in which I live in from time to time. And the neighbors in Arizona who live where the camels frequent say they love the visits.

And I’m sure when the camels come to visit, the neighbors ask “Guess what day it is?”

Even if it isn’t a Wednesday.

— Charles Whisnand


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