Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016

Cruz easily trumps Trump

Donald Trump is a good businessman but shows no working knowledge about our founding documents or how a Constitutional Republic works. He is a bully who threatens frivolous lawsuits, resorts to name-calling, and says whatever he wants with little regard to facts.

Trump has zero history of being a Republican. He loves crony capitalism and consistently returns to his Democrat/leftist philosophy when cornered. It is clear Trump is not a conservative. Trump has put out a platform of generalities with few specifics. People like Trump because he verbalizes what we all have been thinking. Well and good, but he’s not someone who commands respect. If elected, he will resort to the liberal playbook, not the Constitution.

Ted Cruz has always done what he has promised to do. “Establishment Republicans” are afraid of him because they know he will change the way government operates. His knowledge of our Constitution is extraordinary compared to all the other candidates and he will vet and appoint true Constitutionalists to the bench. He will bring our military back to the strength we need to be respectable, he will cut redundant bureaucracies and bring the budget under control. He will make sure our allies know we have their backs and our enemies feel our heat. Cruz aims to restore our Constitution.

Our Republic is fragile. Another presidency that goes outside constitutional procedures will serve to diminish our personal liberties even more and, perhaps, forever.

Teri Cotham


Public officials are hurting schools

I much appreciated the letter to the editor by Rick Van Alfen. Our public schools are suffering due to this greed and ignorance of public officials.

Marilyn Rich

Carson City


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