Letters to the editor for Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tennessee shooting should have been on Appeal’s front page

In reading your issue of the Nevada Appeal I am appalled at one of the most Homeland Security breaches this year at being shelved on page A6 when it should be front page news. It was more important to report on front page with a huge picture, “It’s not their fault” article, “City manager pays his own way to Europe.” This incident happened early Thursday morning Nevada time so it’s not like you didn’t have the time to move around articles to put a Homeland Security article that’s very important on the front page and not bury it on page A6 as if its not important or you don’t care about.

Why is the media, especially Nevada’s media, trying to hide in back the fact that a Jihadist radical attacked two governmental facilities and killed four Marines and wounded several others on that military reserve compound in Tennessee? You ought to be ashamed to carry on like this as if our military men are second fiddle and not as important. Well, I got news for you. These men died while being part of a military that is defending your rights to print a newspaper. Without them our privileges and rights would be gone by the wayside. Just read the Constitution and you will find the Bill of Rights that is protected daily because of our military and at times they lay down their lives for it. Now I ask you, would you do the same? I know I would!

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City

How much water will we be asked to cut

We are asked to reduce water use by 10 percent. At the same time the county supervisors OK a 500 home subdivision in south Carson. Will the 10 percent reduction allow those homes to have plenty of water?

Next year when some developer wants to build another 500 homes will we be asked to reduce our water use by 20 percent? The supervisors have sold 500 percent of our water supply so in just a few years we will be just like California.

George Frazier

Carson City

Christian, lesbian become friends

I recently had a pleasant conversation with a woman who informed me she was a lesbian. I informed her I was a Christian and that my God says the act is an abomination and a perversion to him. However, he also said to love the person. We chit-chatted for a while longer and I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes. (We all need prayers). Then the conversation ended.

P.S. We became friends.

Mike Timmerman


Certain religious schools will refuse public money

The Sunday July 19 Appeal on page A8 published an Associated Press story which includes a quote from a parent desiring to receive a payment for schooling his children from the newly created state program.

I understand his desire for us taxpayers to pay for educating his children in a Catholic school. But the Nevada Constitution in three separate sections prohibits any public money being provided for sectarian purposes. Nevada Constitution, Article 11, Education, sections 2, 9 and ten (sic) (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Const/NVConst.html).

I further believe these three sections also prohibit public money going to non-public schools. Schools chartered by the state or a school district are a form of public schools.

I am certain that Nevada’s religious schools will refuse public money and therefore have more respect for Nevada’s Constitution than Nevada’s politicians do.

Michael L. Greedy

Carson City

Liberal Republicans wrecking ball to party

Liberal Republicans should be careful how vigorously they denounce Donald Trump. Sen. McCain says Trump is galvanizing the “crazies” and screwing up his efforts to achieve amnesty for illegal immigrants. Crazies? People who want and expect control of immigration before amnesty are crazy? People who are tired of their representatives doing nothing to control immigration are crazy?

McCain tried to smear Trump by saying he is really a liberal because he was a big Democrat supporter. He must mean like the big Nevada “Republicans for Reid” who supported him in his last election.

Sen. Lindsay Graham said, “I think (Trump’s) a wrecking ball for the future of the Republican Party with the Hispanic community and we need to push back.” He added that Republicans “need to reject this demagoguery. If we don’t, we will lose, and we will deserve to lose.”

Interestingly, there are lots of people who happen to think that liberal Republicans are the wrecking ball for the party. If Trump gets drummed out of the Republican Party and goes third party taking enough votes with him to allow the Democrats to win with Hillary, don’t blame Trump. It will be their fault.

If the liberal, establishment Republicans think they can ignore, denigrate or destroy other members of their party with no ramifications, if the opportunity comes, they are either very arrogant or very naïve. Consider the many Republicans and Democrats who have already decided to just not vote, period. Control immigration first.

Ed Bauckham


Upset with bear killing

Regarding the bear shooting story in the Appeal, I find it very upsetting to read about the killing of a bear that was doing what bears do. I believe it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and property by not leaving tempting targets such as garbage cans and food exposed as well as leaving garage doors open, etc. for those animals to be attracted to.

According to the Appeal article this bear was looking for a meal and didn’t seem to be aggressive. I’m betting that the bear was more scared of this guy than this guy was of the bear. The shooter stated that he was acting in self-defense. The bear must have been chasing this guy running backwards because it was shot in the back.

I feel some legal action is warranted.

Edward Sanchez

Carson City


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