Letters to the Editor for September 28, 2019

Amodei should re-examine stance on Trump

Once again, our Congressman, Mark Amodei, leaps to the defense of Donald Trump, questioning whether there’s proof of Trump’s pressuring the Ukrainian president. Attacking Speaker Pelosi, Amodei claims “that the Ukraine allegations haven’t even been reviewed in committee.” Well, Mark, that’s because the administration has violated the law by not forwarding the whistleblower complaint to the appropriate congressional committees. That’s the law! But even without that complaint, we have Trump’s own admission that he sought the help of the Ukrainian president in trying to dig up dirt on Vice President Biden’s family.

When will Amodei acknowledge that Trump lies to the American people, uses his position to enrich himself and his family — which violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution — and is risking America’s generations-old global alliances? Trump has no respect for the law or for Americans, and it’s time to investigate this latest horrendous episode.

Amodei, it’s time to decide whether you support the U.S. Constitution and your constituents or this horrible excuse for a president. Which is it?

Joyce Newman

Carson City

Act of goodwill at Walmart register a reminder to pass it on

I was lucky enough to witness the most extraordinary act of kindness at Walmart today. As always, the lines were long and the woman in front of me was cashing out when her card was denied. She put it through again and was denied again. She was upset and embarrassed when the gentleman behind me asked her what her total was. She said $80 and he pulled out his credit card and paid that amount. Both she and I looked at him in astonishment and I said, “Are you paying her bill?” He said, “I have been in her position before and it is no big deal.” I offered to give him the cash in my wallet to help pay, but he refused and said, “Just help someone else out.” I don’t know the gentleman’s name but he has a very special place in my heart.

Martha Lewis



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