Changes at Define Fitness

Marlene Koehler is 67 years young and she loves working out at the gym with new trainer Jill Fujii. Marlene also hikes up Jobs Peak, which is a five-mile hike, wearing her REI Yak Traks for traction in the ice and snow. Marlene says it's not uncommon for her to see bears and an occasional mountain lion. But she says she's prepared if she has a close encounter with her concealed weapons certification and her gun. Marlene is a new client for Define Fitness. She said she used to go to another gym here in the Valley but was looking for a change, so she is working on Johnson Lane.

Jill Fujii is also a new employee of Define Fitness. She has a strong background in martial arts as she used to co-own West Coast Martial Arts. She has been working at another Valley gym the past four years and now is excited about her new endeavors here in Johnson Lane. Jill offers a seniors fitness class for strength, flexibility, endurance, cardio and nutrition. She is an Internal Sports Science Association certified personal trainer.

Jill is very proud of her son Shane who is 19 years old. Shane won the Nevada State Wrestling Championship in 2006 and the California State Championship in 2007. Jill's daughter, Tave, is 13 years old and a cheerleader.

If you are ready to work out, come down and see Jill at the gym and say hi to Marlene while you're there.

In the garden

There are more signs everyday that spring is on it's way. I have lots of little grass coming up all around the yard, not in places I want it of course. I also noticed I have tulips coming up in the rock in my driveway. Now who would have planted them there? Could a bird have some how transplanted them through the rock? Wow, I also see daffodils, hyacinths and even some paper whites. I didn't dig up all the potatoes in the garden so I can see some green coming up where they were last year.

Then there are the seed catalogs that have been arriving in the mail box since then end of November. Inter-State Nurseries, Michigan Bulb Co., Four Seasons Nursery, van Bourgondien, Gurney's, to name a few - my stack on the counter sits about a foot tall. I sure am ready for warmer temperatures and I'm itching to start some plants on my window sills and dining room table. Happy gardening!

-- Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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