Oct. 25, 2023, R-C Letters to the Editor

The final touch to the Old Gym Playhouse was to paint its name. Built during the Great Depression with help from the Works Progress Administration, the gym was a needed expansion for what was then Douglas County High School.

The final touch to the Old Gym Playhouse was to paint its name. Built during the Great Depression with help from the Works Progress Administration, the gym was a needed expansion for what was then Douglas County High School.

Lot of experience


To the new school board members, just in case you need to be reminded - Keith Lewis has been nearly three decades of service within the district, first as a P.E. teacher, then as an assistant principal, principal, human resource Director, until finally becoming a superintendent in 2020.  Keith Lewis has also coached many Douglas teams earning coach of the year award.

Why may I ask are you trying to fix something that’s not broken or change things that we the people of Douglas County like.  It seems you are using bully tactics.  We try to instill in are children not to be bullies.

Most of us have had our children go through Douglas County schools and have gotten to know Keith Lewis.  We stand behind Keith Lewis and thank Keith for all he has done.  

Donna Dunbar


VHR numbers conjecture


This past Thursday, the Board of County Commission voted 3-2 to publicly disseminate that the anticipated financial effect from an initiative banning Vacation Home Rentals in res-identical neighborhoods would be $2,106,543 per year. Commissioner Nowosad and myself voted no.

The vote will be used for two purposes. First, to scare Douglas County residents not to sign the initiative. Second, to support a lawsuit to challenge the initiative in court. The majority vote may have succeeded at the first but failed miserably at the later. As you will read below, the figure de-fies logic.

The majority’s figure assumes the county will lose 565 VHRs but not gain one additional hotel booking. In addition, the figure does not reduce the current cost of the VHR program ($811,865) one penny despite the fact that there will be 97 percent less VHR permits. 

County staff admitted their numbers were “all conjecture”. They refused to compare the financial effect a similar initiative (Measure T) had on the adjacent city of South Lake Tahoe.

Since Measure T took effect in 2019-20, SLT lost two and half times as many VHRs than Douglas County would (1,297 to 565), but its transit occupancy tax went UP 10.5 percent. Taxes from motel oc-cupancy went up 27.7 percent. These numbers show that Measure T had no adverse financial effect on SLT’s tax dollars. It shows many tourists switched from VHRs to motels and that motels were able to raise their rates because of the increase in demand. 

 See link showing these numbers: https://adobe.ly/3Q7wveJ

During the same time period, the VHR revenue at the Lake in Douglas County increased 362 percent while occupancy at its hotels went down 26.5 percent. This clearly shows that many tourists who rented VHRs in SLT started to rent them in Douglas County and some who stayed in hotels in Douglas County moved to VHRs.

See link showing these numbers: https://adobe.ly/3s3LKgU

County staff suggested that the maximum increase in hotel occupancy would be 9 percent. They came to this conclusion because hotel occupancy had decreased 9 percent from the year VHRs were first regulat-ed in 2005 through 2020. They completed ignored the 26.5 percent decrease that have occurred the past three years.

Commissioner Hales refuted even this percentage. She argued that because there is such high oc-cupancy during the busy months in Lake Tahoe there is no room for a 9 percent increase. She either ignored or didn’t understand that since there was a 26.5 percent decrease in occupancy over the past three years, occupancy could increase the same. The current year to year occupancy rate is a dismal 41 percent. 

Danny Tarkanian

Gardnerville Ranchos

Libertarians not taking sides


As History is unfolding before our eyes, Americans seemingly are choosing sides between Palestinians and Israelis. The Douglas County Libertarian Party has taken what we believe to be a sane and caring course. 

Although we understand there are complex issues in play in the Israel/Palestine conflict, we condemn the killing of innocents and human rights abuses by both the Israeli government and by Hamas. We choose not to take sides and we oppose U.S. government involvement in the conflict.

Dave Jones, 



Thank you restaurants and community


Empty Bowls of Douglas County would like to thank the following for their donations of soup, pasta, salad, bread and dessert: Sierra Chef, China Jade Horse, Black Bear Diner, El Avegeno, Louie Mandarin Garden, Kristopher’s, Carson Valley Inn, Sharkey’s, Woodett’s, Raley’s, JT Basque, Chocolate Shoppe, Papa Murphy, Subway, Carson Valley Health, Grill Next Door and Douglas High School Culinary Class. Also the many businesses who donated raffle prizes. Additionally we would like to thank Douglas County Explores for setting up the tables and Eric Warren, Sarah Crofton and the culinary students who kept the kitchen going.  Empty Bowl dinner and fundraiser raises money to help end hunger in Douglas County.

Anne Ham

Empty Bowls


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