Genoa Town Manager bids sweet adieu

David J. Qualls

David J. Qualls

Genoa Town Manager David Qualls last day is Friday after he tendered his resignation earlier this week.

Qualls was hired just before last year’s Candy Dance.

“I have some medical issues requiring me to step away from this position,” he said. “I love this job, but I have a health issue and I need to get that under control.”

At Qualls’ last town board meeting on Wednesday, residents brought baked goods and chatted amiably afterwards. T

he town board voted to draft a letter with the Genoa Historic District Commission supporting a letter to county commissioners saying they would support a proposed merger.

“The support here tonight was overwhelming,” he said. “This has been a blessing for me.”

A retired California Highway Patrol officer, Qualls said he didn’t need a job when he applied in 2022.

“I was not in a position that I needed to work before I took this position,” he said. “I don’t know another option but for me to step back and get healthy. I don’t want to try and make another commitment.”

Genoa Town Board Chairman Gordon Pasley said Qualls was a big asset for the town during his tenure.

“David will be sorely missed,” he said. “He’s been a guiding light for the town during some difficult times and has gotten us to a great point. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and hopefully the process of replacing him will not be too difficult.”

Qualls served with the California Highway Patrol for 29 years where he rose to the rank of lieutenant.

During his career, he received 40 hours of public affairs training and conducted live television interviews for 13 years as part of his responsibilities.

That training served him well over the last Candy Dance when he spoke to reporters about the annual event that draws around 30,000 people and is the town’s main fundraiser.

On Wednesday, Qualls said that despite some issues that are already fixed for next year, the event went really well.


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