The Nov. 29, 2023, R-C Morning Report

Dave Thomas' feeder is pretty popular among the winged set.

Dave Thomas' feeder is pretty popular among the winged set.

Genoa, Nev. — I received unofficial word that the driver in a Nov. 20 crash on Kingsbury is in critical condition but recovering. I won’t publish his name until I have something official, so that could be today, or it could be six months from now.

The Vacation Home Rental Advisory Committee is discussing changes to the number and distribution of the seven vacation home rental permits in Lincoln Park at Lake Tahoe 10 a.m. today at Kahle Community Center.

East Fork Swimming Pool District Trustee Doug Robbins is reportedly throwing in the towel and the district will be advertising for a new trustee in the coming weeks. The district operates Carson Valley Swim Center and has an elected body and its own tax rate.

Utility work on Highway 395 through town will be going on almost through Christmas, and depending on the weather, may resume next week. Gardnerville officials met with NDOT on Tuesday, and it sounds like the state will keep working until the weather arrives.

That won’t be today, but there’s some weather in the cards for Thursday with chances of rain or snow in the morning and again in the evening. According to the forecast it shouldn’t be sufficient to slow down construction or Thursday’s fireworks in Gardnerville.

It’s another frosty morning out today with a 12-degree low just south of Genoa Lane. Today’s high is forecast to hit 48 degrees under sunny skies with the wind calm at 5 mph out of the north.

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