Between Horses and Humans conducting survey

A student works with a horse during a Between Horses and Humans class. Photo special to The R-C

A student works with a horse during a Between Horses and Humans class. Photo special to The R-C

Between Horses and Humans is conducting a survey as part of a community needs assessment.

With around a dozen years in Carson Valley, the youth-oriented nonprofit pairs young people with horses. Survey responses will help the organization with strategic planning to better serve the community. Visit to take the survey.

“Our participants find solace and progress through their connection with the horses,” said Board of Directors Co-President Gary Gleason. “Through perseverance and bonding with the animals, their confidence and courage soar, resulting in improved school grades and overall personal growth.”

Gleason said the relationship youth develop with the horses, and the life lessons they provide, including understanding that each horse, and each person, has its personality, strengths, and quirks, translate to improved relationships and outcomes in their own lives.

“BHH is not merely about personal triumphs – it's about the power of community and compassion,” he said. “Our participants comfort and support each other, fostering a rare sense of empathy and connection in today's world. Through these shared experiences, individuals gain a sense of responsibility, develop leadership skills, and discover their courage and confidence.”

BHH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors. The organization depends on grants and community donations to operate and 100 percent of all donations go to operating the program, which includes medical care, feed and stable fees for the horses. Participants learn to feed and care for the horses, in addition to learning to ride as part of their course curriculum.


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