Douglas County legal - 33797

On 5/18/2023, the Douglas County Board

of Commissioners ADOPTED the following


ORDINANCE: 2023-1616

Title: Ordinance 2023-1616, an ordinance removing

Chapter 2.52 (Cave Rock Water Advisory

Board) and Chapter 2.54 (Skyland Water

Advisory Board) from Title 2 of the Douglas

County Code (Administration and Personnel).

The ordinance shall be in full force and effect

June 30, 2023 and was adopted by the

following vote: AYE: Mark Gardner, Wes

Rice, Sharla Hales, Walt Nowosad, Danny


/s/ Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner, Chairman

Douglas County Board of Commissioners


/s/ Amy Burgans


A copy of this ordinance is on file in the Clerk’s

Office for public review.

Pub Date: May 24, 31, 2023

Ad # 33797


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