The March 2, 2023, R-C Morning Report

A Douglas County snowplow touches up the edges of Jacks Valley Road on Wednesday afternoon.

A Douglas County snowplow touches up the edges of Jacks Valley Road on Wednesday afternoon.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Genoa, Nev. — The buses are rolling in Douglas County this morning, though Lake Tahoe students are being picked up at their main bus stops only. I don’t anticipate anyone else closing due to weather today, either.

Highway 395 has chains or four-wheel drive required from Minden south through the Pine Nuts. The highway is still closed south of Walker. Highway 50 is open this morning, while Interstate 80 and Highway 88 remain closed through the Sierra.

The famous Kingsbury fifth-wheel is on the list to get towed, and it’s possible with clear weather today, it will finally be hauled off the mountain after it was abandoned there on Monday night.

County commissioners have a couple of Lake Tahoe items on the agenda today, including $520,000 in funding for the microtransit at Stateline and changing the second phase of Tahoe Beach Club map to allow 48 airspace condos. Commissioners meet 10 a.m. today at the historic Douglas County Courthouse in Minden.

An island theme has been announced for this year’s June 10 Carson Valley Days Parade. The parade has been held every year since 1946, and some sort of Carson Valley Days celebration had been held on and off since the first one in 1910. You can find out more at

Wednesday’s R-Cs are still stuck on the other side of the Sierra, but there’s a chance we might see them today if the roads open. Saturday is our last publication date in Tracy before we shift to Klamath Falls, Ore., which has had an open route during the entire storm.

It wouldn’t be a weekend in 2023 if we weren’t looking at some chance of snow. The totals for the weekend are predicted at around 5 inches over a couple of days, so similar in strength to Tuesday.

It’s 4 degrees out this morning, but with clear skies we could see a high of 42. There’s no wind in the forecast, and whatever snow was drifting is pretty much frozen in place now.

Kurt Hildebrand is editor of The Record-Courier. Reach him at or 775-782-5122.


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