Horses are part of increasingly rare bits of wild Nevada


What ever happened to Wild  Nevada? I know that not all of the area support our wild horses, but why take them away from the people who do. My heart is broken due to the recent round up of one entire band and more on Feb. 15. 

Those of you who have never been among them will never know the awe inspiring magic they bring. They may not be true “wild ones” from all those years ago but they are our wild ones. 

I will never again be able to look over at the Pine Nuts again with the smile and serene feeling they give, I will cry instead. 

They make us happy, we watch them grow, they have names, they have strong family bonds, we practice birth control and watch over them like mother hens. They are magnificent creatures. 

If we move out to where they live we should be responsible human beings and care for the land and creatures on it instead of trying to erradicate creatures that are a nuisance to us. 

That is their home and they were there way before we moved in. The captured ones are now living in large corrals in Palomino Valley, knee-deep in mud, no shelters from weather, no trees and stripped of anything they had, I have been there. What’s next? The bears, mountian lions, geese, snakes, etc., so that its a sterile place for you to be. 

Please, please be cognizant of the land you’ve moved to, share it. Don’t plant food and expect them not to eat it. Before you say “you don’t know what it’s like,”  I lived in the Pine Nuts in the years around 1977 and enjoyed being in wild Nevada. We have loved them and lived with them for a long, long time.

Pleae contact Pinenut Wild Horse Advocates if you need assistance with the horses, they will be glad to help.

Rena Wiggins



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