Sept. 17, 2022, R-C Letters to the Editor

The skies finally cleared over the weekend.

The skies finally cleared over the weekend.
Tim Berube | Special to The R-C


Clearing the air


I sure wish our environmentally conscious friends in California would quit setting their state on fire. 

David Hussman


River RV Park site can’t be developed


I obtained documentation from the District Attorney’s office that the property on the Carson River at Rocky Bend that was under consideration for an RV park was placed in a conservation easement upon Douglas County’s purchase of the property on June 17, 2005.  

At the risk of having to return the property to the Nevada Division of State Lands at zero consideration if the terms of the nonrevocable agreement to restrict property are violated, this agreement restricts development to passive recreation.  An asphalt-paved RV park with 365 days a year of the equivalent of 23 full time RV vehicles, complete with a public restroom, vault sewage tank and dump station are not passive recreation. 

In addition to the conservation easement restrictions on this property, this letter documents ecological information opposing the Douglas County’s Parks and Recreation Department’s proposal to establish a county-owned RV park on the Carson River at Rocky Bend.  This proposal was terminated by the Parks and Recreation Committee Board at their Sept. 8 meeting.  

The property is located in the flood plain where two significant flood paths intersect: 

Where the Carson River at Rocky Bend comes down the mountain from the reservoir.  During the 1997 flood, flooding was so severe that a man and his backhoe was swept away, and he drowned in the river trying to save Riverview Mobile Home Park

The culvert tunnel that is intended to prevent flooding in Ruhenstroth crosses under Highway 395 and directly connects to the center of this county-owned property. 

At times of severe flooding and/or a flash flooding, the storm will transport runoff to the Carson River.   The water from the Pine Nuts flows through Ruhenstroth and through the culvert tunnel under Highway 395 and through this property.  If an asphalt-paved RV park is developed here, and if the storm water proceeds to the Carson River, it will deposit into the river toxic Ruhenstroth urban runoff as well as the toxic grease and oil from the county’s RV parking lot.  

The county’s property is currently unimproved and serves as a natural and large retention pond for such flood events, and it should remain undeveloped.  Hopefully, this natural retention pond will prevent runoff from getting all the way to the Carson River.  

The county’s property is permanently prohibited from development under restrictions by the Nevada Division of State Lands in their June 17, 2005, Nonrevocable Agreement to Restrict Property with Douglas County. 

Because it is located in the direct path of the Pine Nut runoff flood path, building anything on this lot should be disallowed.  This prohibition should apply to any kind of development, residential or otherwise, such as a parking lot for rv’s.  Furthermore, the raw sewage vault restroom and dump station that was proposed by the Parks and Recreation department, should also be prohibited because it is also in the flood path and could flood during an event that could result in spillage that would create a significant environmental hazard. 

Because of the critical location of this property and its legal restrictions, its only useful purpose should be to comply with the agreement to prevent flood runoff water from getting into the Carson River. 

Jeanne Shizuru


Douglas schools don’t need saving


This is my 40th year as an elementary teacher, with 38 of those years teaching first through fifth grades in Douglas County School District. Over the years I have seen changes in the ways we deliver education. However, what has remained a constant in this district is that the students are our focus. We as teachers have been supported through dedicated professional development instructors, guided by administrators, and encouraged to learn and to grow our own strengths. Our purpose is always to meet the educational needs of the students who will become the next generation of adults leading in this county and across the state and country. 

New teachers arriving here from other districts are amazed at the resources we have. This includes the many books in our libraries and on our literacy shelves, the math materials available for hands-on learning, and science kits that provide every material necessary for each lesson so teachers can teach and students can learn. As the 2017 Nevada Teacher of the Year, I met and spoke with other state teachers from around the country about education in their schools and districts. Each time, I returned to Douglas County School District knowing I was teaching in a very special place with many educational advantages where we continue to strive to be the best.

When I see the signs around our county that say in order to save our schools we must elect three individuals to the school board, I wonder from what we would be saving our schools. It is very concerning that these three candidates make false claims and spread misinformation about our schools. 

We have an excellent educational system in this district which serves the people in our communities. To maintain the high standards and practices of teaching and learning, please vote for incumbents Heather Jackson and Robbe Lehmann, as well as Roberta Butterfield to serve on our school board. They will support, defend, and nurture what we as educators know is best for our children.

Pam Ertel


Running for Assembly


I have met many of you as I traveled Douglas and Lyon Counties to introduce myself, share my thoughts, reasons for entering this race, and to talk to voters in District 39.  But for those of you I haven’t met, I would like to tell you a little about myself and share a few ideas.

I’m not a politician; I’m a retired higher education administrator and a Registered Nurse, living in Gardnerville with my husband.  I feel like my voice is not being heard and I have something to contribute.  Based on my background, two of my key issues are educating Nevada’s children and access to physical and mental healthcare.

Adequate funding for our schools is critical, and while we’re making strides in this regard, there’s more to be done.  This is why there can be no diversion of public taxpayer funds for private schools.  The Internet is no longer just for entertainment; our children need access to high-speed Internet and the target must be for rural areas.

To address our nursing shortage, I support Nevada joining the Nursing Licensure Compact.  This is an agreement that allows nurses licensed in one state to apply to practice in other states. This idea can also be applied to other healthcare professionals.

I chose to live in Northern Nevada because I love Nevada’s rural way of life. That means protecting the environment and resources that ranchers, farmers, hunters, and other outdoor recreation rely on to thrive and prosper.  We cannot sustain unfettered growth that doesn’t consider availability and access to resources: clean water, fresh air, healthcare, education, and transportation infrastructure.

We must protect our rights.  I believe every aspect of women’s healthcare is between the woman, and her physician.  Government has no place in reproductive decisions.  I will fight to keep this right codified in Nevada law.

I promise my constituents that I will work across the aisle to support common sense solutions to the issues facing Nevada and its citizens.  

Please visit my website to learn more about me and my positions at Remember to vote on Nov. 8.

Dr. Janice Noble


Vote Libertarian


The silly season is upon us. In the Nevada gubernatorial race Mister Sisolak and Mister Lombardo are reminding the voters (via hit piece commercials) just how horrible their opponent is. The truth is, they are both correct. Mr. Sisolak has overseen the destruction of education in Nevada, siding with the deep pockets of the teacher’s unions over the rights of parents to educate their children as they see fit. He has marched lockstep with his friends like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer and Andrew Cuomo.

Mr. Sisolak is apparently horrified that Mr. Lombardo is pro-life. He claims that Lombardo will criminalize abortion in Nevada (something he cannot do). He also points out that violent crime increased during Sheriff Lombardo’s term in Clark County.

Yes, these two candidates are horrible. Each one is looking to increase the two-party stranglehold on state governance. Each is looking for the spoils that go with political victory. Neither is really concerned with Joe Lunchbox, neither is speaking of the crushing regulations that prevent entrepreneurs from opening new business. Neither is addressing the runaway inflation in the housing market, probably Nevada’s No. 1 issue.

The good news is that this year Nevadans have a real choice, Brandon Davis, the Libertarian Party candidate. Davis supports funding students, not buildings. He supports deregulation and the savings that brings to the State. He advocates for reviewing occupational licensing. Davis is the embodiment of the LP axiom “vote for us and we’ll leave you alone.”

If returning to “the land of the free” is important to you, vote for Brandon Davis. If getting government out of your hair is the goal Mr. Davis is your candidate. If you simply want to live life unimpeded by stifling new laws every year, check the Davis box on your ballot.

Dave Jones

Secretary, Douglas County Libertarian Party


Thanks for supporting Project School Days


Project School Days has completed its main work for this school year.  We provide school supplies to teachers in Douglas County for their students who need these materials to complete their schoolwork. 

We provide for Douglas County’s 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools, and China Springs.  Teachers may also request materials any time during the school year.  Supplies range from pens, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, calculators, earbuds and many more.

A generous community makes this project possible by donating money that is used to purchase supplies or by collecting and donating supplies.  We would like to thank the following for their support with our terrific volunteers:  JT, David G. Rogers, Jackson & Whitaker, The French, Douglas Disposal, Gary and Linda Evans, Carl Woods, Coventry Cross Episcopal Church, Richard Spence, Dan & Linda Stratton, Steve & Margaret Ristorcelli, Anzelle Horsley, Nimby Farm, Remax, Mountainview Medical, John Scott, Karen Woodside, Sally Jasperson, Carson Valley Lodge, Marsha Gallegos, Carson Valley United Methodist Women, St Galls Catholic Church. 

Project School Days is a totally volunteer, nonprofit organization, Fed. I. D. 88-0167174.  Your contributions are welcome all year.  Please contact Debbie McNeil at if you need further information.

Project School Days-A Helping Hand For The Greatest Asset Douglas County Has-Its Children.

Debbie McNeil, Cindy DeBlose, Bud Perkins


Can’t fly on one wing


There was recently a clip of Hillary Clinton proclaiming that the Republican Party needs to “purge” the party of every Republican running in the upcoming election.  While this is a ridiculous statement, there is an underlying point.  The Republican Party should consider purging their far-right faction; and the Democrat Party should consider purging their far-left faction; and leave the country to the 80 percent of us (Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Non-Partisans) who are moderates.  We need Statesmen and Stateswomen in all local, state, and national political positions who are truly willing to work together, compromise, and run this country in a way that is beneficial to all of its citizens. To paraphrase the comic strip Frank and Ernest: “Politicians could learn from birds.  Birds know it takes both wings to fly.”  United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

A. Schleich

East Valley

Where’s the concern for Trump supporters


Why isn’t the letter writer complaining of vulgar, divisive message angering her, and demanding for his removal, showing any concern when President Biden can declare 75 million Trump supporters Ultra Make America Great Again semi-facists?  Also on the same date an article by Ms. Meyer, Dark Brandon’s Laser Focused  in The R-C embellished his legislative accomplishments including continued destruction of a great economy via green agenda, returning to Paris Accords, declaring war on fossil fuels, tat was instrumental in a worldwide increase to fuel prices from under $2 prior to Biden election to over $5 a gallon with some temporary moderation in price with the depletion of the US Emergency reserves and lessening demand due to high price.  

Key accomplishments listed were American Rescue Plan $1.9 trillion, which was completely unnecessary in the second year of the pandemic, used to fund the budgets in the Blue States with the extensive continuing shutdowns covering shortfalls in their pensions and the teacher union demands with school closings. Encouraged people to quit the workforce because of generous unemployment benefits with no requirements to return meant to buy votes as is being done with student loan forgiveness. Infrastructure bill $1.2 trillion only 10 percent to infrastructure rest mostly green subsidies to the benefit of China.  

Chips bill for more green subsidies. Inflation reduction act misnamed, subsidies green energy and adds 87,000 IRS agents to further penalize taxpayers. 

Named Ketangi Brown to Supreme Court who cannot define a woman.  

Historic action on gun violence in schools. Added restrictions on legal gun owners with minimum prevention recurrence. Fifteen deaths and 53 wounded in school shootings in 2021. 100,000 deaths from Fentanyl a synthetic opioid 50 times stronger than heroin, yet when brought up for discussion  by GOP, Pelosi and Schumer decline to bring it up, perhaps not to bring attention to dangerous open border policy of  the Biden administration.  3.5 million Illegals in 18 months plus the 1 million gotaways criminals, including hundreds to thousands potential sleeper cells.

One such cell in 2001, 9/11 caused 3,000 deaths and $2-3 trillion damage to U.S. economy.  Bidenflation has decreased the GDP growth in 1 year from over 6 percent to negative growth [defined as recession].  Inflation from 1.2 to 8.4 percent (17 percent if food and energy was included as in the 1980s). Effects in 18 months on an individual $5,000 increase cost of living, 20 percent loss in pension plans, with credit tightening will pay higher interest rates. 

Ask yourself are you better off now than two years ago?     

Mark Tarvainen 



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