Travel still a challenge across Douglas

A snow berm down the middle of Highway 395 through town.

A snow berm down the middle of Highway 395 through town.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

The big berm down the middle of Highway 395 through Minden and Gardnerville posed one of the larger hazards to navigation as Douglas County dug out from Saturday’s storm.

While road controls have been lifted for the highway, it remains slick in spots after temperatures dropped to 7 degrees early Monday morning.

Most downtown gas stations were open despite power issues across the county as were the grocery stores in Gardnerville.

Douglas County schools will be closed on Tuesday as the district continues to clear parking lots.

“While we commend and appreciate the snow removal efforts of our district facilities staff, we will unfortunately not be ready to welcome students back tomorrow morning,” Superintendent Keith Lewis said on Monday afternoon. “District staff will continue to work to clear the massive amount of snow at our school sites, and to dig out our school buses with the goal of being open by Wednesday.

Lewis said the delay might also offer more time for district employees time to get power restored, and road workers more time to clear roads across the county.


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