Blast of snow brings winter back to Carson Valley

A black cow with a snowy blanket in a field south of Muller Lane on Tuesday afternoon.

A black cow with a snowy blanket in a field south of Muller Lane on Tuesday afternoon.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

A sudden blast of cold weather brought 2 inches of snow to Genoa and snarled traffic over Kingsbury.

Douglas County deputies and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers responded to Kingsbury Grade and Hall Court for a Ford Bronco that spun out and ended up pointing the wrong way around 4:10 p.m.

As many as four vehicles at a time were stuck on the Grade as traffic cameras showed white-out conditions.

For most of Tuesday afternoon high winds hammered Carson Valley, knocking down branches and causing power outages.

Then right around 3 p.m. the wind turned to rain and then to light snow before turning to heavy snow around 4:15 p.m.

Minden-Tahoe Airport’s automated weather system show visibility dropping down to below a quarter mile around that time.

Between blasts of snow, the wind picked up.

As of 5:30 p.m., chains or snow tires were required over Kingsbury and on Highway 50 to the state line.

By 5:30 p.m. most of the power outages had been resolved, with only three Douglas County NV Energy customers without power.

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An electrical outage at Lake Tahoe affected 2,733 NV Energy customers, affecting traffic signals at Kahle Drive and Elks Point on Highway 50.

The Tahoe outage struck at 1:52 p.m., according to Power was estimated to be restored by 3:45 p.m.

Tahoe Douglas firefighters and power company workers responde to a report of a tree limb striking a power line at Zephyr Cove Beach that was reportedly causing sparks to fly from a transformer.

Power company workers pulled the limb out of the line around 2:10 p.m. Firefighters said they expected power to be restored shortly.

A total of 175 customers lost power in Carson Valley between Minden and Gardnerville around 1:44 p.m.

Minden-Tahoe Airport reported a 53 mph wind gust at 1:15 p.m. and 33 mph gust at 1:55 p.m.

Skyland at Lake Tahoe reported a 36 mph gust at 1:14 p.m.

High winds are expected to continue through the day with a wind advisory expiring at 7 p.m.


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