The Dec. 18, 2023, R-C Morning Report

Members of the Nevada National Guard fire a three-volley salute at the Garden Cemetery on Saturday.

Members of the Nevada National Guard fire a three-volley salute at the Garden Cemetery on Saturday.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

A pursuit on Sunday evening reportedly hit 100 mph on Centerville Lane heading toward Foothill Road before ending in the arrest of the driver at around 6:15 p.m. on Kingsbury Grade. Sunday afternoon also saw a report of an attack in the Pine Nuts near Double Spring Flat that resulted in deputies detaining a man.

Members of the China Spring Youth Camp Advisory Board are meeting virtually 10 a.m. today to discuss an ordinance being introduced on Thursday to transfer governance of the camp from the district court to the county.

I went to the Garden Cemetery for Wreaths Across America on Saturday which had a good turnout. Sarah visited Eastside Memorial for their celebration. We'll put those together today.

There was a good turnout for what I believe to be the first public Hanukkah party in Minden on Friday, which marked the final night of the eight-day “Festival of Lights.”

There was a passel of little kids at the Minden Branch of the Douglas County Public Library for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The couple read stories to the children.

It has been a spell since I’ve been in downtown Minden after dark, but I was surprised when I stepped out of the CVIC Hall at the great lighting display on Esmeralda Avenue.

I’m planning to publish Christmas lights in Saturday’s edition, so if you’ve got a favorite display, send me a note, or better yet a photo. I plan to stop by Roy Nisja’s Bear House in Chichester at some point this week.

CalTrans shut down Monitor Pass on Sunday afternoon in anticipation of the storm due to arrive today. As of 7 a.m. it’s started sprinkling in places, but there aren’t any road controls. That could change as the day wears on, so be careful out there.

The chance of snow in the Valley is waning as the snow level rises to 7,200 and then 8,800 feet this afternoon. The wind will pick up out of the south at 5-10 mph this afternoon with a high temperature forecast to hit 48 degrees.

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