Back-to-school events encourage positivity

Douglas High School cheer and dance teams welcome students back to school with the”Tiger Beat.”

Douglas High School cheer and dance teams welcome students back to school with the”Tiger Beat.”
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

School starts Monday in Douglas County and the welcome message during district wide orientations and ice cream socials Thursday was “get connected.”

“Kids who are involved with school activities, clubs and sports do better academically during their day,” said Pau-Wa-Lu Vice Principal Guy Olguin during the sixth-grade orientation.

Pau-Wa-Lu sixth-graders and Douglas High School freshman were both eager and nervous to explore their new schools and class schedules.

“This is our first year with a sixth-grader, so it’s exciting and new for all of us,” said Pau-Wa-Lu parent Jess Fitch Jenkins. “Middle school is so different, but I think we are looking forward to a good year.”

Pa-W-Lu math, computer programs and social studies teacher Alisha Jahreis said it’s important to come to school with a positive attitude.

“Come with a good attitude, ready to learn, make connections and don’t forget your pencil,” she said. “Pau-Wa-Lu is a great school. We have great teachers and community here.”

Douglas High School senior class president Talia Tretton and student body vice president Cammie Jahreis’ advice to new students was to make the most of your time.

“School goes by so fast, so make the best of it,” said Tretton. “Clubs like leaderships gets you involved in your school and community.”

“And be willing to try something new and meet new people,” said Jahreis.

Douglas High School Activities Director and leadership teachers Karen Lamb and Mena Dedmon said there are at least 40 activities held between lunch and after school for students to get involved with.

“There’s enough of a range from sports, hobbies and interest based clubs that students can get involved in almost anything and find their people,” said Demon.

Over at Gardnerville elementary school students from kindergarten to fifth-grade enjoyed ice cream provided by the Parent Teacher Student Organization and met their teachers before reuniting with friends on the playground.

“The Cougar family is excited to have kids back on campus,” said Vice Principal Amy Carter. “Teachers have been working hard to make the school feel like a community and family dynamic and we’re excited and ready for a new year.”


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