The Sept. 28, 2022, R-C Morning Report

The historic Douglas County Courthouse located in downtown Minden.

The historic Douglas County Courthouse located in downtown Minden.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.


Genoa, Nev. - Former President Trump may well be returning to Minden-Tahoe Airport the weekend of Oct. 8. Plans are tentative right now, I’m told, but details and confirmation should be forthcoming in the near future 


There’s a report of a rollover crash on Muller Lane just east of Foothill at around 6:30 a.m. today with a vehicle on its top, according to reports. First-responders report occupants are out of the vehicle and one occupant is reporting a neck injury. Muller’s going to be closed for a bit, I wager. 


Expect the Blue Angels to make practice runs over Carson Valley during the afternoons through Friday. There isn’t much of a schedule out for the Aviation Roundup, mainly because that’s for the paying customers, I expect.  


There was a typo in the Candy Dance story about the crowd count. The only way to estimate the crowd is to count vehicles parked in the lots and then add more for the vehicles parked alongside the roads entering town. In other words, there is no actual way to know how many people were in town last weekend, besides guess. 


The Vacation Home Rental advisory committee has a slog ahead of it 1 p.m. today with four permit applications and an appeal. The panel is meeting in the Historic Douglas County Courthouse, 1616 Eighth St., in Minden. 


The high temperature topped out at 91 degrees in Minden on Tuesday, four degrees shy of the 95-degree record for the day set in 2009, but plenty warm for early fall. 

Expect sunny skies today with a high near 83 degrees. The wind is forecast pick up out of the southwest at 15-20 mph, gusting to 30 mph. 


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