Lighting up the season

It’s often a corollary that the chance of weather in Carson Valley is inversely proportional to its convenience to most residents.

So, for instance when it would be convenient for it to dump snow, say just before the opening of ski season, it will be warm and dry.

Or should lots of people want to, for example, watch fireworks on Thursday, it may well rain, because snow would seem sort of appropriate seeing as it’s a Christmas event and all.

Here’s the deal though. We get what Mother Nature gives us, and there’s not a thing we can do about it.

That’s what makes living in Carson Valley so great.

A couple of mild weeks after the impressive snows earlier this month culminated in a sunset that is on display on today’s Valley Views page.

The likelihood that we’ll get some impressive weather increases as the season wears on. It might be a lot or it might be a little, but either way we can at least exercise some measure of control over the night by turning on all the lights.

That’s the spirit we go into the next few days with as Christmas decorations illuminate our homes and hopefully our souls.

Old Man Winter is well on his way here, and it’s time we greeted him in style.

The R-C will be hitting events in all three towns this week in celebration of Carson Valley’s favorite time of year before riding in the annual Parade of Lights, founded in part by R-C Publisher Tim Huether back in 1995.

So let’s all enjoy this week, and partake of the spirit of Christmas as we share the fun with our friends and neighbors.

— The Grand Marshal


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