School board challengers win races

School Board challengers Susan Jansen, Katherine Dickerson and David Burns won their races after their opponents conceded.

Two more days and 5,087 more ballots counted brought the Douglas County results of the 2022 general election into closer focus.

Two-term school board trustee Robbe Lehmann said he conceded his race to challenger Jansen last week after Wednesday’s results.

“I wish to thank each and every person who supported me and volunteered for my campaign,” he said. “Their support has meant the world to me.”

As of Tuesday night, Jansen was ahead of Lehmann 14,152-11,292 votes. Burns led Roberta Butterfield 13,502-12,049.

Butterfield said she called Burns to congratulate him.

In the tightest of the school board races, Topaz Ranch Estates resident Katherine Dickerson defeated Trustee Heather Jackson 13,247-12,118.

“Thank you to all of those that have supported me throughout this campaign and congratulations to the new school board trustees,” Jackson said on Tuesday morning.

The Record-Courier has reached out to Burns, Jansen and Dickerson for a statement. Jansen said she plans to write a letter for the group for publication in the Nov. 23 edition.

On Monday, voters whose signatures the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office couldn’t verify were allowed to cure their signatures on paper ballots. Douglas County commissioners are scheduled to canvass the election 4 p.m. Friday.

As of Tuesday night, 29,255 ballots had been counted representing 67.31 percent, according to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.

With Douglas County’s significant Republican majority, it’s not a surprise the county voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ticket for federal and state races.

By far the most popular of those candidates was Rep. Mark Amodei, who won 20,490-7,896 over opponent Elizabeth Mercedes Krause.

That was 1,500 votes more than Adam Laxalt received in the county in his effort to topple U.S. Sen Catherine Cortez Masto.

On Tuesday, Laxalt conceded the race to Cortez Masto.

Attorney General Aaron Ford, a Democrat, was the most popular of the candidates on that side of the ticket, though still losing to Sigal Chattah in Douglas, 16,432-10,275. Ford won his statewide race.

Lyon County Commissioner Ken Gray easily defeated Gardnerville resident Janice Noble 19,523-8,710 in the county to succeed longtime Assemblyman Jim Wheeler.

Unlike the two primary races where leads changed hands in 2020 and in June there hasn’t been any change to any of the candidate rankings from U.S. Senate to swimming pool district.

Lehmann was philosophical about the race’s outcome.

“After spending the last eight years on the school board, I’m looking forward to getting a lot of my time back,” Lehmann said. “Serving on the board is not fun, but it’s important. I wish the new board the best of luck and success. I hope that they’ll take the time to visit schools and to talk to teachers and students. If they do, I’m positive that they’ll see what a great district we have, with accomplished students and dedicated teachers, administrators and other employees.”

Election Results as of Tuesday evening

Results as of 5:44 p.m. Nov. 15

U.S. Senate    Douglas    Statewide

Adam Laxalt    18,890    487,812

Catherine Cortez Masto*    9,465    495,776

Barry Lindemann    214    8,017

Neil Scott    173    6,376

Barry Rubinson    138    5,170

U.S. Congress

Mark Amodei*    20,490    185,101

Elizabeth Mercedes Krause    7,896    117,223

Russell Best    289    4,180

Darryl Baber    277    3,442


Joe Lombardo*    19,070    494,718

Steve Sisolak    9,013    479,563

Brandon Davis    382    14,813

Ed Bridges    249    9,861

Lt. Governor

Stavros Anthony*    19,070    498,373

Lisa Cano Burkhead    8,454    461,564

Trujillo Tachiquin    319    11,369

William Hoge    208    8,351

John Delap    178    7,871

Secretary of State

Jim Marchant    18,171    470,944

Cisco Aguilar*    9,479    494,113

Janine Hansen    479    17,391

Ross Crane    253    8,746

State Treasurer

Michele Fiore    18,367    463,004

Zach Conine*    8,993    480,436

Margaret Hendrickson    479    19,502

Bryan Elliott    405    15,952

State Controller

Andy Matthews*    19,317    502,057

Ellen Spiegel    8,418    460,789

Jed Profeta    414    15,273

Attorney General

Sigal Chattah    16,432    431,621

Aaron Ford    10,275    508,825

John T. Kennedy    993    n/a

State Assembly

Ken Gray    19,523    26,443

Janice Noble    8,710    11,242

Court of Appeals

Deborah Westbrook    11,739    458,070

Rhonda Forsberg    6,060    221,427

Question 1

Yes    11,078    576,523

No    17,366    407,563

Question 2

Yes    10,391    542,449

No    18,032    464,957

Question 3

Yes    11,592    521,348

No    16,911    464,957

Douglas County School Board

District 2

Susan Jansen    14,152

Robbe Lehmann    12,118

District 6

Katherine Dickerson    13,247

Heather Jackson    12,118

District 7 

David Burns    13,502

Roberta Butterfield    12,049

Tahoe Douglas Protection District

Benjamin Johnson    1,523

Stacy Noyes    1,446

Kirk Ledbetter    971

East Fork Swimming Pool

Frank Dressel    12,313

Travis Lee    11,054

Charles Duarte    6,840

Indian Hills GID

Robert Stulac    997

Vicky Lufrano    884

Robert Garcia    713

Kendra Wilson    697

Katheryn Clark-Ross    678

Penni Eisele    385

Topaz Ranch Estates GID

Michael Tanner    461

Kaitlyn Insell    412

Lisa Sandbo    321

Gerald Clark    305

Mark Bradshaw    250

Barry Ferguson    197


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