Christmas through the ages

Santa gets his picture taken in snowy Genoa.

Santa gets his picture taken in snowy Genoa.

140 Years ago

Genoa Weekly Courier

Dec. 29, 1882

A kiss for some candy the lads often take and a very good bargain sometimes they make, but very much puzzled indeed are the misses. To say which is best the candy or kisses. 

120 Years Ago 

The Courier

Dec. 19, 1902

The boys and girls are dreaming up Christmas presents. Don’t disappoint them. 

100 Years Ago

Dec. 29, 1922

Christmas festivities in this community were many and the spirit of Yuletide prevailed as it never has before, leaving happiness and enjoyment in all homes while the public festivities added immeasurably to gladdening the hearts of the kiddies of the community. 

80 Years Ago

Dec. 25, 1942

Just a few nights ago, scientists were telling of things they learned about the formation of the earth. They said that on both slopes of the Sierra Nevada, marine formation is found above lava flow. The lava rolled along about 25 million years ago. 

60 Years Ago

Dec. 27, 1962

Fire destroyed the community hall in Dresslerville early Christmas morning, burning the structure to the ground. It was the second time in 15 years that a Christmas Day fire destroyed a building in Gardnerville. In 1947, a tragic fire and explosion took the lives of 15 persons. 

40 Years Ago

Dec. 20, 1982

Santa and Mrs. Claus made rounds at Barton Memorial Hospital yesterday and will be going out tonight as well to Carson-Tahoe Hospital to visit patients who can’t be home for the Christmas holiday. 

20 Years Ago

Dec. 25, 2002

“Project Sant Claus … wishes to thank all of those who helped in any way to make this such a successful year. It is thanks to the caring people of Douglas County that this project works year after year and we thank all you that participated in any way. May peace and joy fill your New Year,” said Marilyn Malkmus. 

Remember When is compiled by Staff Writer Sarah Drinkwine.


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