Douglas debuts livestream of election work

Not much going on Tuesday morning on the county's livestream of ballot processing.

Not much going on Tuesday morning on the county's livestream of ballot processing.

Watching Douglas election workers process mailed ballots will either be the dullest or most interesting thing on YouTube this month.

On Monday, there were two viewers watching the livestream from the Douglas County Courthouse that’s on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The public can watch live, or go back and watch, everything involved in the mail ballot process, including signature verification, ballot batching and processing, deconstruction, tallying and adjudicating. “Although this process can be viewed, voting names and voting information is still kept confidential and cannot be viewed through the streaming process,” officials said.

To view the livestream, click the link

“This new process allows the Douglas County Elections Office to be as transparent as possible with the election process, inviting the public to understand the intricate details involved in elections and ensuring we are of the highest integrity,” said Douglas County Clerk Treasurer Amy Burgans.

Burgans said the $8,000 endeavor is designed to reassure voters that their mailed ballots are being properly handled.

The video went live on May 24 and will continue until June 24, or earlier if ballot processing and tallying of the election results are finished earlier.

Early in-person voting began on May 28 and will continue through June 10.

“Early voting is a great way to skip the longer lines of Election Day, increases voter participation rates, and allows for a more accurate ballot count,” officials said.

For more information about voting or the livestreaming process contact the Clerk Treasurer’s Office at 775-783-6095 or visit


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