Primary Election 2022: Nevada State Assembly District 39 – Republicans

Ken Gray
Address: 1128 Cheatgrass Dr. Dayton, NV 89403
Chief Master Sergeant (ret) U.S.A.F.
Chairman, Lyon County Board of County Commissioners
Age: 52

Ken Gray


Record of service:
Chairman of the Lyon County Board of County Commissioners and was first elected to the board in 2016
Vice-Chairman of the Carson Water Sub-Conservancy District
Comstock Historic District Commissioner
Member, Nevada Local Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council
Member, Quad Counties Legislative Committee
Senior Field Representative, United States House of Representatives for Nevada Congressional District 2. In that position I handled military, veteran’s, public land’s, and other issues for the office.
Chief Master Sergeant (E-9, ret) U.S.A.F., served 2 tours in Iraq and multiple overseas assignments and deployments including other Middle-East locations

Chapman University - Extensive graduate work in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources
Excelsior College - Bachelor of Science
Community College of the Air Force - Associate of Applied Science degrees (3) in Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Allied Health Science, and Healthcare Management

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for:
Assembly members are responsible for representing all residents within their district at the legislature. The member is the voice of the people in the creation of Nevada’s laws and in formation of the state budget. They are also instrumental in resolving constituent’s issues with state agencies and addressing other problems.

A brief statement about your platform
As a staunch conservative I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and less governmental interference.
Restore integrity to our election process by repealing the bad election laws passed in the last legislative session, requiring voter ID, and return to an absentee ballot for bona fide reasons.
Repeal legislation infringing on Second Amendment rights, and enact a Constitutional Carry law.
Pass legislation protecting the unborn and make adoption easier and more affordable.
Enact legislation to restrict the governor’s emergency powers, provide checks and balances, enact rigid time frames, and provide oversight during emergency situations.
Parents must be in charge of their children’s education not government. Tax money for education should follow the student. All elements of Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning must be purged from public education.
Training more doctors and encouraging them to practice here can solve our doctor shortage in Nevada. We cannot put our citizens at risk by lowering the standards.
My father-in-law was a police officer in Bishop, CA and killed in the line of duty in 2001. We must do everything we can to support our officers.
As a veteran and the father of 2 veteran daughters, supporting our military and veterans is imperative.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
 My campaign slogan is “experience matters.” I have a lifelong history of service to our country and state, which has provided me the experience and skills to be successful as an assemblyman for We the People. I am a trained and successful leader, evidenced by both my military rank and the positions I currently hold. I have literally had to lead and make decisions in hostile environments. I have been trained and mentored by real leaders, not professional politicians.
I will not be a puppet, bow to party or assembly leadership, serve special interests, or take lobbyists contributions just for something they want. I will only support legislation that is constitutional and in the best interests of We the People. Make no mistake, my voice, as a representative of We the People will be heard loud and clear.
Serving as a county commissioner for 6 years, I know firsthand the impact to local government and taxpayers when the legislature passes unfunded mandates. Those mandates are always put onto the backs of taxpayers as new taxes and fees. I cannot stress enough that we have a spending problem and not a revenue problem. I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and am the only candidate in this race who has done so.
As a county commissioner, I had invocations restored to our meetings, which had not been allowed in decades. Freedom of religion and not freedom from religion is a founding tenet in our country. I got my county to become both a Second Amendment Sanctuary County and affirm ourselves as a Constitutional County. Finally, I led the charge to name something after President Trump. That effort resulted in our new justice facility being named the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex. It was the first building in Nevada named after him.

Blayne Osborn
Address: 1362 US HWY 395, STE 102 #189 Gardnerville, NV 89410
Occupation: Hospital Administration
Age: 32

Record of service:
Douglas County Airport Advisory Commission - 2014-2018
Education: University of Nevada, Reno - B.S. Business Management

Blayne Osborn


Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
The Assembly and Senate work jointly in the Nevada Legislature to create and amend the Nevada Revised Statutes (Nevada law) and must pass a balanced budget each biennium. Each member of the Nevada Assembly represents roughly 75,000 Nevadans.

A brief statement about your platform
In the upcoming legislative session, I want to reform occupational licensing to make it easier for Nevadans to get to work. Nevada has some of the strictest licensing laws for doctors and needs 1,500 more doctors just to reach the national average. How long do you want to wait to see a specialist? Additionally, Nevada licenses everybody from interior decorators to landscape architects and these burdens must be reduced.
I want to hold the Governor accountable for the spending of the American Rescue Plan Act dollars and the “Infrastructure Bill”. I want to limit the Governor’s emergency authorities to no more than 14 days before a special session is convened. The Governor must never be allowed to shut down businesses again.
I am a strong proponent of school choice and want an education system where the funding follows the student. We need fewer mandates and more local control in education and I am opposed to CRT being taught in schools.
I am in favor of election security and I am against any new taxes on citizens. I will always vote to defend your gun rights and to protect life. I proudly stand with our men and women in blue.
What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
I am the most qualified candidate to represent Assembly District 39 due to my experience as staff in the Legislature. I have served as staff in every legislative session and special session since 2009. I have worked in both the minority and majority and was committee manager for the Senate Health and Human Services committee. I know the ins and outs of the legislative process as well as anyone, which is particularly important due to the turnover due to term limits. I have built relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle and I will work with anybody to get good things done in Carson City and stop the bad bills.
Beyond my experience in the Legislature, I have been a part of our community. I am a native Nevadan born and raised. I am a member of the Carson Valley United Methodist Church and I served on the Douglas County Airport Advisory Commission for four years. I am a graduate of the Douglas County School District and of the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce’ Leadership Douglas County program. I’ve also been the treasurer for the Carson Valley Friends of NRA since 2013. Currently, I work for Nevada Rural Hospital Partners supporting the viability of our 13 rural Nevada Critical Access Hospitals including Carson Valley Medical Center.
In all of these endeavors, I have gained knowledge of a wide variety of the issues facing our state. It is for these reasons that I have been endorsed by the Nevada Republican Assembly Caucus, former Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Senator James Settelmeyer, Sheriff Ron Pierini, and many more. I hope to serve with the same reverence and these men and I would respectfully ask for your vote.


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