Primary Election 2022: Nevada Secretary of State – Republicans

Candidates John Cardiff Gerhardt, Socorro Keenan and Gerard Ramalho didn’t respond to multiple requests to contribute.

Kristopher Dahir
Occupation: City Councilman for the city of Sparks
Age: 49
Contact information

Kristopher Dahir

 Record of service
I have served both the southern and northern area of our state as a pastor for over 30 years. I currently serve as a chaplain for our local state veteran’s home and as a city councilman for 6 years. I have also run and managed private education for almost 20 years, CornerStone Christian Academy in Las Vegas, and Excel Christian School in the city of Sparks. Between my role as a city councilman and caring for our community, I serve on almost 20 boards. Please find them listed on my web site.
One of the areas I am honored to serve is the President of the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza. This is a statewide memorial that is being built at the City of Sparks Marina. This will both honor those men and women who paid the ultimate price and bring education of the cost of freedom for generations to come. NVMP.US

Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University- Psychology
Master’s Degree from Regent University- Organizational Leadership
Professor for Multnomah University for 8 years
President of Nevada Christian Institute for 1 year

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
The Secretary of State is responsible to protect the seal of Nevada. All that happens in the state goes to the SOS office for final notarization. The office oversees 150 employees and 8 divisions. The main areas are elections, business and registering entities, notaries, security fraud, marriages, and the like.

A brief statement about your platform
As Nevada’s Next Secretary of State, I Will:
Create an honest and forthright work environment.
Stand for truth, even if others do not.
Work diligently to assure that all divisions of the SOS office run well and are focused on customer service.
Make verification of voting rolls the first step to assure voter security.
Work with all elected officials and staff supporting Voter ID and removing Ballot Harvesting.
Be an advocate for all businesses on a state level as we recover from the pandemic.
Protect our seniors and others from being targeted for securities fraud.
Experience COUNTS is this election:
City of Sparks City Councilman – Serving my second term.
President of Nevada League of Cities – 2020-2021
5 years as the Vice Chair of the Truckee Meadows Water Authority and Western Regional Water Commission.
2 years Vice Chair National League of Cities – Community and Economic Development
Created the Sparks Community Homeless Advisory Board. Currently serve of the board.
Managed private education schools for over 20 -years; Cornerstone Christian Academy (Las Vegas) and Excel Christian Schools (Sparks).
30 years of small business experience; from restaurants to churches of all sizes in Nevada.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position
The main qualifications I bring with me is that of leadership experience and successful leadership moments. I have studied this position extensively and have taken the time to understand the problems we are facing with business needs, voting questions, securities fraud. I know that it will take a strong proven leader to guide our state to a place where people no longer need to fear that their vote is being altered or disqualified, where businesses can set goals and know that the government won’t disrupt their path of success. I lead on multiple boards in our region, state and across the country. My degrees are in Organizational Leadership, and I have spent many years of my life helping businesses and leaders implement leadership principles that will give them the foundation needed to face whatever comes their way. I will bring that experience with me and help raise the bar of expectation for all elected leaders in areas of communication, transparency, and goal setting. I have been a Nevada for over 40 years, living in both the south and the north and working in every city and county.

Jesse Haw
Occupation: Builder/Developer
Age: 50

Jesse Haw


Record of service:
Former State Senator
Lead statewide coalition to help abused children in 2021 which resulted in the first major legislation for Child Advocacy Centers
Builders Association of Northern NV – Past President
Nevada Homebuilders Association – Past President
Builder of the Year award (2009, 2015)
Nevada Security Bank- board member
Reno Tahoe Open Foundation (AKA Barracuda Championship) – past president

Reed High, University of Nevada (Business Management)
Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
20% oversee elections, 80% regulation of Nevada businesses

A brief statement about your platform
Election Integrity is of utmost importance – which is why my first two bills as SOS will be to end ballot harvesting and require Photo ID to vote. All votes must count in our democracy- regardless of party affiliation. I will follow the Constitution and the laws of the land.
All businesses must be registered with the SOS. As a small business owner for the past 30 years, I understand what it’s like to have employees, deal with governmental red tape and the everyday struggle of Nevada companies and their employees. I have built thousands of homes, an industrial park, and commercial projects. Having served in the State Senate, I understand the legislature and will work hard for you, the citizens of Nevada.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position
Simply put: I have run my own business in Nevada over the past 30+ years and understand how hard it is to make a company grow in good and bad times. I understand what it’s like to pay your employees first, to borrow money from a bank, to work through the countless regulations, laws, and codes to bring a project to fruition. We do not need career politicians; we need a businessperson in charge of businesses. Someone who can see the office through the perspective of the citizens and business owners of Nevada.
All candidates will talk about Election Integrity – and I will support those measures (Ballot Harvesting and Voter ID). But if the legislature doesn’t pass those bills, I am the only candidate who has taken multiple statewide issues and put that into law. The process is complex and comprehensive and having experience will pay dividends for Nevada.
We don’t need career politicians in this office, we need businesspeople.

Jim Marchant

Jim Marchant

Record of service: Nevada Assemblyman 2017, D-37

Education: Troy State University

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for:
Supervises state and local elections.
Registers and files candidate contribution and expenditure reports.
Registers corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and business trusts.
Registers trade names, trademarks, professional corporations and associations, and rights of publicity.
Records Uniform Commercial Code statements and documents.
Appoints, trains, and regulates Notaries Public.

A brief statement about your platform
1. Voter ID
2. Paper Ballots
3. Eliminate Mail-In Ballots; Keep Traditional Absentee Ballots 4. Single Day Voting
5. Unfettered Poll Watch Reforms
6. Aggressive Voter Roll Clean-Up

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position:
I have the right experience and the right vision for the office.
I’ve held political office as Nevada Assemblyman, lobbied for internet freedoms, and been a tech entrepreneur. I’ve set up three successful tech companies in my time. Those in-the-know like Donald Trump have called me a “legendary businessman.” I know what it takes to start and sustain a business, set goals for an organization, and see that those goals are accomplished. Career politicians like my opponents do not.
I’m a proven conservative. Multiple conservative organizations including the ACU have rated me the most conservative legislator in the Nevada Assembly. I’m conservative down the line and proud of it. Have been for decades. I’ve never voted against my beliefs and no amount of money or promised influence can change that. That’s been my commitment for decades.
I am the only candidate who has fought consistently against voter fraud. I delved deeply into the problems with our election system after November 2020. Tens of millions of Americans didn’t trust those results for good reasons and those reasons can easily be resolved by eliminating the possibility of voter fraud. This is something all Americans of goodwill can get behind.
Since filing over a year ago I’ve called for a Voter ID law to give elections a level of security enjoyed by airports, banks, renters, pet adoption agencies, hotels, employers, clubs, bars, liquor stores, and the government for licenses and other privileges.
I’ve raised the alarm over ballots mailed to voters, unnecessary and inaccurate voting machines, the bias of mass media, the malign influence of Big Tech, the corruption of local election officials, and the great effort by elites to undermine our elections overall. Nobody else has. They are too afraid to be called “crazy” or “out of touch.”

Richard F. Scotti
Occupation: Attorney at Law
Age: 59
Contact Info:

Richard Scotti


Record of Service
The Honorable Richard Scotti, former District Judge, was known as the “Constitution Judge.”
The Nevada Policy Research Institute applauded him for his precedential “Separation of Powers” decision – where he told far-left legislators they cannot make the law at the same time they served as prosecutors enforcing the law. Judge Scotti called out this same problem when the Governor closed-down a gym using his executive power enforcing his own regulations.
Judge Scotti was an ardent protector of the First Amendment, shown by his Order granting the Las Vegas Review Journal’s FOIA request for release of thousands of metro records of the Oct 1 mass shooting.
Judge Scotti consistently protected the rights of the police, earning him by the end of his term the endorsement of nearly 100 law enforcement agencies throughout the State.
Election integrity was already an issue of great importance to Judge Scotti when he took the Bench, so he accepted the role as a Judge on the Election Advance Team for the 2016 elections.

B.A.: Political Science; International Relations; and Defense and Strategic Studies, from the
University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA (1984 Cum Laude).
Juris Doctor: from Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco CA (1988 Cum Laude).

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
The Secretary of State enforces election law, business law, and prison law. The SOS serves as the Chief Election Officer. The SOS implements the laws on business formation, licensing, securities and liens. The SOS governs the State Prison system, and protects victims rights.

A brief statement about your platform
We are in a very critical period in our Republic. Our current election system is broken. “Consent of the governed” does not work without election integrity and security.
The solutions are obvious. Let’s insure “chain of custody” for our ballots, like I did as Judge for evidence. Let’s eliminate universal mail in balloting. Let’s make ballot harvesting a felony again. Let’s require Voter ID at the polls. We must also vigorously clean the voter rolls. Make it easy to vote, but only for those legally eligible.
The machines for signature verification, vote-casting, and vote-tabulation, have too many vulnerabilities. I will hire the best IT experts for options to eliminate risks of data breaches.
The far-left calls us “unhinged” for seeing problems. We can’t change their minds, but we can say: you don’t need to wait until you see the fraud, to take steps to stop it!
With our elections fixed, we can eliminate corrupt politicians, and preserve our economic growth and liberties.
What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
The Honorable Richard Scotti, former District Judge, is the only candidate with legal, business, and judicial experience: 30 years as a Nevada business lawyer; 10 years as a business owner; and 6 years as a District Judge.
Scotti has been a highly distinguished member of our legal community - elected twice as a Governor of the State Bar, and appointed by the Supreme Court for a decade as a Settlement Judge. The international rating service, Martindale-Hubbell, awarded Scotti “preeminent” status for 12 years in a row – the highest rating in law and ethics.
Before becoming Judge, Scotti was a partner in a successful law firm handling complex business, real estate, construction, and administrative law. Scotti represented the international contractor that built the Venetian Hotel Casino – being a lead attorney on the longest civil jury trial in the history of Nevada. He also protected the people of Nevada by serving as Prosecutor, and Administrative Law Judge for the Nevada State Contractor’s Board.
As a firm Constitutionalist, Scotti led the Clark County Republican Party as its Chairman in 2009-10, and before that as the Precinct Director, where he supervised nearly 1000 Precinct Captains to protect election integrity.
Scotti is dedicated to our community. He volunteered as an Editor for the “Ask-A-Lawyer” column for the Review Journal. He accepted appointment by the Supreme Court to serve as a Foreclosure Mediator during the Housing Crisis. He Chaired the Committee that developed the attorney oath on professionalism. Recently he represented the Repair The Vote PAC.


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