July 6, 2022, R-C Letters to the Editor


Alpine County biomass plant on November ballot


Think of Alpine County and most people think fishing, fun hikes, and waterfalls. One of the most pristine counties in the nation, it’s 95 percent federal land. 

Tourists come to enjoy its unspoiled scenic beauty and outdoor recreation. With a population of just 1,200, the local slogan used to be “one square mile – and you.”

But it’s Alpine County where a nonprofit group is advocating construction of a biomass plant. 

The Alpine Biomass Coalition – whose board of directors includes two county supervisors – is being cagey about exactly where the proposed wood-burning facility will go. 

All they’ll say is within a three-mile radius of Woodfords. 

They’re suggesting it’ll produce 3 megawatts of power, though 7 megawatts was mentioned in years past. 

Quiet talks have apparently already begun with Liberty Energy and local tribal representatives. 

The public “will have a chance to weigh in,” ABC assures the public – but only at the CEQA/environmental impact stage, when it’s typically too late to change much.

As Alpine residents, we were horrified to discover recently just how far plans had already gone. We were equally horrified to find that two Alpine supervisors have actively served as directors for the pro-biomass organization, and two more have moderated its meetings. 

To protect the public’s right to have a say in the matter, we launched a voter initiative to prohibit biomass facilities in Eastern Alpine County. 

We needed 63 signatures to get it on a ballot. 

Over just a single weekend, we got 93 signatures. 

Voters don’t like the idea of a biomass plant, and for good reason. 

Biomass plants can emit more harmful CO2 than fossil fuel plants, and other hazardous materials. 

They typically require tax dollars to operate, and their lifespan is iffy. Heavy truck traffic would impact local highways, and there’s noise, light, and air pollution to consider. 

And all of that is inconsistent with the scenic, rural beauty that draws visitors and residents to this unique rural spot.

We asked for the initiative to be put to a public vote, so the voters can decide whether a biomass plant is a good idea for Alpine County. 

On June 21, 2022, the Board of Supervisors voted to put the initiative on the Nov. 8, 2022, ballot. 

Stay tuned.

Angela Franklin

Richard Dustman

Rob Williams


Thanks for backing Family Support Council


Recently you had many decisions to make in regard to the American Recovery Plan Act funds.  I was so happy to find that you selected the Family Support Council by granting them $60,000. 

As a former Past President and Board Member, I know how this organization contributes to our community by helping families in crisis and children in need.  

They go about their daily work without expecting praises or accolades.  

With the loss of national grants and contributions by our local community, they have been unselfishly struggling to provide their services.  

To our community, please contact the Family Support Council if you would like information on the services they provide or if you would like to make a contribution. 

Beverly Johnson 


Green agenda hurting U.S.


President Biden’s green socialist agenda is destroying the quality of life in the U.S. going from strength and prosperity to weakness and poverty,

independence to servitude and it is being done with full intention to get desired results, while benefiting mainly China and the green interests.  

The left took the 2020 questionable close election results as a mandate to change America First to America Last.  It is now becoming obvious with the annual Inflation increasing from 1.4 to 8.6 percent (if the energy and food included in totals as was in the 1980s it would be 17 percent). The great economy, energy independence, relative peace in the world and the optimism was accomplished under the Trump Administration, despite the never ending attacks by the news media promoting the negatives, omitting the positives in the manner of Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany 1933 to 1945.  

Repeat a lie over and over becomes accepted as the truth to the population Examples include Russia Collusion, Questioning the improprieties of elections, silent on Hunter Biden’s Laptop etc.  

Working with drug Industry to develop the vaccine in record time and had millions of people vaccinated and over 100 million doses ready for distribution by the time he left office.   

Biden approved paying both federal and state unemployment benefits and firing people for not complying with the vaccine mandates.   

This along with the $1.9 trillion stimulus in the second year of the covid, was a big part of the inflation increase along with the federal no-interest policy. but the major reason is the high cost of energy, The price is up to $27 in Europe. 

This falls on the Biden administration as de declared war on fossil fuels in 2019 stating repeatedly I will end fossil fuels and fracking in the U.S. On his first day he stopped K-Stone pipeline, cancelled leases on federal lands, added additional rules and requirements on oil exploration, and had his administration discouraging future investment in it. This all affects food prices via fertilizer and increased delivery costs. On the intent to force transition to electric vehicles makes no sense. 

If the U.S. energy industry was left as President Trump had it, 4 million barrels a day additional U.S. production would have stabilized the world supply without price increases. 

Putin would not been able to fund the war in Ukraine without the $180 billion annual increase in fuel exports and Biden’s incompetence on Afghanistan.  

Mark Tarvainen 



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