Jan. 27, 2022, R-C Letters to the Editor


Thank you for donations to Douglas County Animal Shelter


We wish to extend a big thank you to our wonderful Carson Valley residents for their generous donations in support of the Douglas County Animal Shelter on Jan. 17.  The donations were collected as part of the nation-wide Betty White Challenge, an event created to help memorialize the 100th birthday of animal lover Betty White.

It was heartwarming to see so much kindness demonstrated within our community and everyone’s concern for the welfare of the shelter’s animals. 

The donations we received totaled just shy of $3000.  Staff of the Douglas County Animal Shelter was so very appreciative of this generous gift.   We know Betty White would have been very proud and honored.  

Lastly, we wish to thank the Gardnerville Smith’s for letting us set up our collection table in front of their store.

Debbie McNeil

Maria Falconieri

Melinda Neilander

Dana Reed

Becky Soderman

Minden Fortnightly

Jan. 6 was an insurrection, not a protest


I’d like to set the record straight regarding the letter last week that claimed the Jan. 6 insurrection was a protest that went horribly wrong.

Unlike our past, defeated president, Hillary Clinton did not try to foment an insurrection because she lost the 2016 election. No, by contrast, she conceded the election on television for all to see. That doesn’t mean she didn’t think there was some unfairness at play. For example, the damage done by James Comey in the final week leading up to the election. 

Jan. 6 was indeed an armed insurrection. Rioters used flag poles, fire extinguishers and bear spray to attack the Capitol police. (Remember the game “Clue” where the weapon of choice could be a candlestick?) The Capitol police sustained over 150 injuries. Some of them had brain injuries and some of them died. One of them lost an eye, that’s the very definition of mayhem. It was shameful. Two unexploded pipe bombs were found nearby. And there were a handful of people there with firearms. The FBI just recently identified one of them. His name is Luke Philip Robinson. He is the individual in FBI poster number 343. Video footage shows a handgun tucked into his waistband, specifically, a SIG Sauer P230 handgun.

Do not believe the false narrative that this was a protest that got out of hand. There is plenty of evidence that the attack was a planned event. The former defeated president invited the thugs to show up on the sixth, claiming, “it’s going to be wild.” It’s clear Steve Bannon knew that something significant and chaotic was going to take place on Jan. 6. “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow,” he said on his podcast the day before the insurrection. Yet, he has nothing to say to the Select Committee about what he knew.

Between Jan. 1 and July 14, 2021, 18 states enacted 30 laws that restrict access to the vote. These new laws make mail in voting and early voting more difficult, impose harsher ID requirements, and make faulty voter roll purges. More than 400 bills with provisions that restrict voting access have been introduced in 49 states in the 2021 legislative session. All this because of the big lie. The 2020 election was a free and fair election.

Support the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021, the Freedom to Vote Act and the For the People Act of 2021.

Alice Meyer


Stop the mask madness


It has now been confirmed, not only by national prominent medical personnel, but also the CDC, that cloth masks do not stop the spread of Covid-19. Yet our school board is punishing people who refuse to obey their mask mandate. 

This must stop, and Sheriff Coverley must be the one to stop the school board. If you go to a school board public meeting, which is your constitutional right, and you refuse to wear a mask, the sheriff who established his department’s policy on 6/25/21 to not enforce a mask mandate should not be serving criminal trespass orders at the request of the school superintendent because a mask was not worn.  The criminal trespass order makes no specific mention of trespassing due to violating the mask mandate on school property, but the superintendent’s emails written to school administrators and school board members explicitly state that Sheriff Coverley and his department are knowingly responding to a violation of the mask mandate. 

This is nothing more than a bait and switch in order to get the mask mandate enforced, and Sheriff Coverley is being used as a pawn.  I have heard medical personnel on TV and read an official statement from the CDC that says cloth masks do not work. And yet, Douglas County School Superintendent Keith Lewis is using this ruse involving our sheriff’s department to prevent the public from attending public school board meetings.  Using the sheriff’s department to personally serve criminal violation citations for violating the mask mandate on school property is our local equivalent to the Department of Justice using the FBI to intimidate those opposed to CRT.  No one wants to be labeled a domestic terrorist, and we citizens of Douglas County do not want to be arrested by our sheriff’s department for not wearing a mask on school property. When and how will this nonsense of a mask mandate be stopped? 

Sheriff Coverley, it is time for you to stand up for the citizens. Masks mandates at this point and time is just a way to suppress citizens from participating in the public education debate.  Stop the madness.

Dave Nelson


Congress at fault for deficit


In response to a couple of past comments blaming President Trump for increased deficits and large budgets to cause our economy and our debt to skyrocket, need to actually learn who is responsible. There are 3 branches of Government, Congress being made up of the House and Senate and the third is the Presidency, pertaining to budgets. The House is the responsible branch that draws up the next year’s budget and the Senate votes on it as well. The President does draw up a budget but that has to be presented to Congress. As one comment, that Trump was responsible for approximately 5 trillion dollars of debt in the last year of his presidency, it has to be noted that the Democrats were in full power control of both house and Senate and rejected The Trump’s budget and negotiated with the increased changes from Congress. Saying this, it is more the Democrat House and Senate that was responsible for the 5 trillion increase of debt. As for the other comment pertaining to Bidens BBB, since when does it make common sense to borrow more and spend more money from tax payers to supposedly bolster the economy when we are in a state of so many jobs available across the country that we don’t have enough people to fill the existing open jobs? (Keep giving them free money to stay home)

As for budgets, BIG government has been one of the most expensive items on the budget. Obama had increased size of government by approximately double the previous President and when Trump became President, he cut it back to half of what Obama had and now back comes the huge government again. Biden isn’t going after the one percent, he is after the middle class, that’s why he has the IRS tracking anything over 600.00.

Liberalism is a disease that blocks all common sense and reasoning pertaining to government finances. Please pay attention to truth and history and stop drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. Also, gas prices only started increasing when the Democrats and Biden stopped our self-sufficient supply of gas/oil lines and gave OPEC back control.

David Burns


Will Dr. Fauci be repeatedly reincarnated as puppies he’s tortured?


   I don’t know if reincarnation occurs, but animals (especially docile beagle puppies) are being tortured and killed in the NIH, overseen by Dr. Fauci.  The good news:  There is a bill in Congress HR 1744, “Support Humane Research and Testing,” sponsored by Nancy Mace (R SC).  But now NIH is using our tax dollars for their experiments, which are unnecessary, immoral, and of course, cruel.  

   To stop these experiments:  call, email, write your NV Congressional reps:  Amodei (202)225-6155, Cortez-Masto (202) 224-3542, Rosen (702) 388-0205, Lee (202) 225-3252, Hursford (202) 225-9894, Titus (202) 225-5965.  OR Whitehouse.gov (202)456-1111.  TELL NIH to STOP these experiments and to disclose info:  NIH: (301) 496-4000, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20892.  Remember, voters making noise get noticed.  

   For more info on the agency fighting these cruel experiments call or write:  The Anti-Vivisection Society (808) 888-NAVS, 53 W. Jackson Blvd. #1552 Chicago 60604.  

Debra B. Cutshaw, 


Adding some perspective


Regarding the recent exchange between letters-to-the editor contributors Justus and Muzzy, some perspective. Biden has directed large amounts of federal payments to special interests and pet initiatives that further his political agenda. Biden has created a labor shortage by paying people for not working, creating - for example - a critical shortage of truck drivers. Loaded container ships occupy pier space for inordinate periods of time waiting to unload as more ships sit out in the Pacific Ocean waiting weeks or months for dock access. This snarls our supply chain with no benefit to anyone.

Another Biden administration initiative that impacted our economy and our morale was to upend Trump’s successful Afghan policy, creating a tragic rout that handed the Taliban over $2 billion in classified weaponry, stranded many of our loyal allies and some Americans, and droning a car full of children. How many of America’s trading partners want anything to do with this treacherous regime?  

The spending under President Trump went to strengthening our military and shoring up our infrastructure while cutting taxes and debt. Trump was, indeed, a big spender but he minimized government intrusiveness,  furthering a flourishing private sector, wealth and jobs. Trump, unlike Biden, didn’t need to buy votes by paying people not to work. 

My message to Justus is that inflation is only one dimension of a free market economy. Trump delivered almost full employment and the freedom for entrepreneurial employers to take risks and collect rewards. 

Squabbling over which administration created the most inflation isn’t nearly as consequential as fostering the necessary environment for our nation’s economy to thrive. 

Maureen Morris



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