Connections celebrated at JAG initiation ceremony

The Job for Nevada Graduates students filled the Douglas High School media center on Nov. 9.

The Job for Nevada Graduates students filled the Douglas High School media center on Nov. 9.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.


Family and friends of Douglas High School Job for Nevada Graduates students filled the media center at the high school last week during the initiation and installation of officers ceremony.

It has been two years since the celebration was held due to the coronavirus, but students and family were happy to come together to show off their accomplishments in the program. More than 50 students and five officers were sworn in during the event.

“I know I have never done anything as important, nor will I ever, than I have done with these kids,” said Douglas High School JAG Specialist Rick McGuire. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I thank you for sharing it with us.”

Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates was established in 2013 when then-Gov. Brian Sandoval learned about the positive impact of the Jobs for American Graduates program had in other states. It came to Douglas High School in 2016.

“You learn about career skills and how to become a better person, doing what you want and getting to know your classmates and making connections,” said Senior JAG 3 Student President Trevor Middaugh. “It helped me overcome a lot of low points and become a better employee and person.”

JAG alumni Juliett Poel and Jay Esparza shared life-after-high-school experiences and how JAG helped them in many areas of their lives not just in the work force, but through highs and lows too.

“The power of room 407, there’s an energy in that room,” said McGuire. “The power of the program, power of the relationships and the things we do.”

McGuire and the JAG team at Douglas High stays in touch with graduates of the program at least two years after graduation, said McGuire.

“They call for anything, advice, support, even if they just need someone to talk to about anything, whatever it is. We keep the connection and the relationship.”

The Jobs for America graduates’ mission is to help young people succeed both in school and on the job, leading to productive and rewarding careers. In the program students learn how to apply for jobs, interview skills and finding their interests and being able to transition from high school to a career and/or educational path, but McGuire promises his students more than just a successful future. He encourages his students to be the best version of themselves by interacting with one another and creating connections and friendships.

“It provides so much, it’s more than just a class” said senior and JAG Media Director Brynna Somiak. “I feel like it’s a place to have your voice heard and to have your mind, body and soul improved. It’s therapeutic.”


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