Valley residents making transitions

Kurt Hildebrand

Kurt Hildebrand


Genoa resident Connor Billman is headed to Ghana for an agriculture fellowship next week.

The son of Corey and Terri Billman grew up in Nevada’s oldest town, working on Nevada’s oldest ranch, Ranch No. 1.

He’ll be teaching middle school science and agriculture and serving as an extension agent during his year there.

We’ll hear more from Connor over the course of the year, as he plans to write about his adventure from the field.

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Sally Wiley reports finally receiving the 40 boxes from the movers at her new home in Oregon, but they won’t be living in the senior community first proposed.

She and Mike spotted a house for sale and dived right in, so they’ll have a third new address this summer.

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Moving is never easy, as it turns out, even when you’re just going from one office to the next.

On Monday, The Record-Courier reopens its front office after closing due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Carson Valley Movers have been hauling 25 years worth of stuff to the smaller shop, or in some cases … away.

I know I was making a nuisance of myself last week, grabbing boxes off the moving carts. I found some treasure in the form of a working digital camera and generally wandered through the office in a nostalgic haze.

• • •

I won’t miss being all the way in the back of the huge empty cavern that made up The R-C’s former offices. We’re going to be settling in a bit over the next few weeks, so there might be a few boxes still underfoot. But we’re working on stowing our stuff, just like anyone who has just experienced a move.

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