Letters to the Editor for September 16, 2020

Darkest before dawn
A disaster like the COVID-19 pandemic could’ve brought us closer together and made us realize that we as human beings have more in common than the endless drumbeat of cable news let’s on.
It could’ve convinced us that we need to ensure every American has quality, affordable health care. It could’ve convinced us of the need to address the housing crisis. It could’ve convinced us that masks aren’t controversial. And it could’ve convinced us that working together toward a common goal is the American way.
But thanks to the president of the United States favoring divisive tweets over common sense solutions, none of that happened. Over 6 million Americans have been infected with a life altering, and potentially deadly, virus. 190,000 have passed away.
But it is always darkest before dawn. If we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November, we will have a new day and a chance to get this right, stop COVID-19, reopen businesses and truly make America a better place.
Michael Guss
Carson City

Investigate sheriff, not librarian
We were flabbergasted by the recent meeting of the Douglas County Library Board of Trustees. We do not understand why the board would not back the librarian, Amy Dodson, who was simply trying to get the American Library Association statement of diversity regarding Black Lives Matter before the board for discussion.
The statement to be considered was not the personal opinion of Dodson, nor the library staff. This was explicitly pointed out to them in the meeting by the ALA representative and supported by Attorney General Ford.
The overreaction of Sheriff Coverley is what caused the incident to be blown into national proportions. If there is anyone whose actions need to be investigated it is those of the sheriff, not those of the library.
The board also proposes to spend $30-$40,000 of Douglas County’s money, including a significant portion of the library’s book budget, which is in very short supply, to conduct an investigation. In this county, which often looks for scapegoats, this investigation could result in the untimely and grossly unfair scapegoating of Dodson and the library staff.
We are totally opposed to the action of the Douglas County Library Board of Trustees, which appears to have been taken in fear of other members and factions in the community.
John and Brenda McCloud

Suckers and losers
The U.S. trade deficit is at a 12-year high. The federal debt is at an all-time high.
And yet they’ll vote for him.
Trump calls vets “suckers” and “losers.” He could use those words to describe his supporters. Probably has.
Robert Simpson

Thank Sisolak during pandemic
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Gov. Sisolak for the outstanding job he is doing during this COVID-19 crisis. Our country is facing the worst pandemic in over a century. Right from the start, Sisolak has jumped into action to slow the spread of this deadly disease. Immediately after hearing of this virus, he took action to mandate the wearing of masks in public, social distancing and limiting group gatherings. I applaud the governor’s efforts to keep Nevadans safe. It should also be noted that he is keeping the public informed with regular TV updates. Thank you governor.
However, since last February, almost 200,000 Americans have lost their lives to this virus. If President Trump had taken action when he first learned of this deadly virus, many of these lives could have been spared. Trump’s failure to take action, when he first learned of this virus, has caused a widespread pandemic with no end in sight. Trump has lost precious time in fighting this pandemic due to his complacency and incompetency. He has shown that he cannot handle a crisis and is totally unfit for the job of president. Trump has put his own self interest ahead of American lives. He downplayed the virus as “fake news” and this is just “going to magically go away.”
The upcoming election is critical to oust this president. We cannot afford another four years with Trump as our leader. We must vote to remove this callous, narcissistic, and extremely dangerous man from office before he has a chance to do more harm.
Patricia Thomas
Carson City

Where is our American exceptionalism?
Americans are in disarray. On one side, we choose to simply brave our chances with no precaution or protection and on the other side we quarantine and sanitize basic groceries before bringing them inside of the household.
Like many aspects of America, the remainder of us fall somewhere in between. We’re about 7 months into this coronavirus pandemic and a clear strategy has not yet been determined. We are not alone, worldwide we are all facing this once-in-a-lifetime threat. Some countries, New Zealand, South Korea, and Vietnam, are fairing better at containment but all efforts have fallen short of a permanent solution. Where is it?
Historically, America has prided itself on capitalism and we have hitched our collective futures to business. We disavow socialism and hand outs in the favor of hard work and providing solutions to market demand. This pandemic has revealed demand, a demand from every living and breathing human. Yet we still have not produced an American solution. Why is that?
Studies have shown that the virus thrives within contained spaces, confined atmospheres, within homes, inside of buildings. Other studies observe the virus also flourishes in areas with loud sounds, which includes venues such as churches, concerts, opera halls, etc.
According to some studies, infections outside of these spaces, e.g. being in nature while we’re breathing fresh-air, are significantly less possible, or perhaps non-existent. Can we use these observations to our advantage?
These unique aspects of the virus make it appear that it can be controlled. One method could be through sound, applying a sound-force which would emulate sounds generated in churches, concerts, opera halls, that would divert the virus toward certain areas where human infections are unlikely.
Other possible mediums could be unheard low-frequency sound waves, water mist spay, flowing air, or a vacuum suction. Based on the observed data, these slight forces appear to be capable of agitating the virus to cause infections so why can’t these forces be harnessed to control where we want the virus to go?
Where are our laboratories and companies that would study these ideas? And what of the observed infrequency of infections outside, in nature? Where are the scientists that should be studying this unique aspect of the virus? There is no greater demand right now than this virus, why are we sitting back, waiting? Where is our American exceptionalism?
Geoff Will
Carson City

Postal service is unsuitable for upcoming election
Dear Gov. Sisolak,
When you tell us that we should “feel safe” using a mail-in ballot in the upcoming November election, it sickens me. Perhaps you are not aware of how completely incompetent and inefficient our U.S. Postal Service is, or do you? By personal experience, I can tell you that they consistently “lose mail.” For the past 20-plus years, we have had rentals in both Fallon and Carson City. Both our tenants and we depend on the postal service to process the rents into our P.O. box in Carson City before the delinquent date. To say that has been the case is a bad joke. It can take two or three weeks to get a check mailed in either Carson City or Fallon for it to appear in our P.O. box, if it arrives at all. Over the years, they (the postal service) have lost thousands of dollars worth of checks. At this writing, I am waiting (Aug. 14) for one tenant’s July rent check that was mailed the first week in July. It has yet to arrive. Another tenant’s August rent that was mailed the last week of July and has yet to arrive. I am sick and tired of being frustrated and put off by the “deaf ears” of the postal service organization. In our situation, we are going another avenue and we will completely circumvent the postal service. (To be clear, I am not talking about the mailman/lady that delivers your mail to your mailbox. They do a pretty good job.) Yet, you tell the residence of Nevada not to worry. “The mail-in ballot is perfectly safe” and “every vote will be counted.” Maybe, but there remains the big question of, “Will my ballot even get to the destination to begin with?” Over half, I bet, will not. At least those ballots that never arrive won’t be subjected to the other monumental avenues of mail-in voter fraud. In conclusion, the U.S. Postal Service needs to hire people with some integrity who can actually read and understand directions. Perhaps they need to drain the swamp.
Sonja Radig
Carson City

BLM apologists are without excuse
Black Lives Matter advocates represent the organization as merely a civil rights advocacy. Yet the televised nightly riots expose BLM as a violent, anarchist organization. Most recently, several videos document BLM thugs’ street assaults on departing Republican convention attendees Thursday night in D.C.; the attack on Sen. and Mrs. Rand Paul was particularly vicious.
Last Saturday, one of the young sign wavers on the Capitol lawn in front of the Legislature was carrying a loaded and cocked AK-47 high-powered rifle with the safety off. Predictably, he fired the gun accidentally; luckily, no one was hurt. This should make it clear that the local Carson City BLM is comfortable using lethal force like the violent and destructive the rioters in Democrat-controlled inner cities.
It’s too bad the Carson City Sheriff’s Office didn’t take the opportunity to arrest the shooter and the lady BLMer who threw herself in front of a moving car, then declare BLM persona non grata at that location. When ordinary young people can be brainwashed into bringing a gun in support of BLM or injure themselves for the cause, we’re now in Charles Manson indoctrination territory.
An Aug. 12 Newsweek article quotes Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer Ariel Atkins giving away BLM’s real agenda when she defended looting as “reparations.” The available evidence indicates that BLM apologists are without excuse.
Lynn Muzzy

Why do they lie?
Why does the left persist with ad hominem attacks on President Trump, his family and his businesses? Why do they distort, demean and defame his actions and motives? In short, why do they lie? If Trump was as self-serving and loathsome and they claim, there would be no reason to lie.
So, what then is the real purpose of these unrelenting and remorseless attacks? Are they just preaching to the choir or is it something more sinister? Is their strategy to simply make the presidency and politics in general so tedious and distasteful as to discourage conservatives from seeking public office? I mean what sane person would knowingly subject their family to this malicious and disgraceful behavior.
It can’t be easy enduring their feigned outrage, derision and unfounded lies. Even for me, this persistent and nauseating barrage of innuendo and supposition becomes so tiresome and insufferable, I have to tune out and take a break. The president doesn’t have this luxury. He suffers these slings and arrows 24/7. So, I salute the president for his fortitude, persistence and unwavering dedication to our country.
It seems strange that in this clash of ideologies, truth would be the first casualty of the party claiming moral superiority. It makes you wonder what else they are willing to sacrifice on the altar of collectivism.
Mike Rodgick
Carson City


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