Letters to the editor April 22, 2020


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Governor’s words welcome during pandemic

I just finished watching an update on the COVID-19 and sequestered life in Nevada. The presentation was given by Gov. Sisolak and two assistants. I cannot state how fortunate we are to have Sisolak as our head of state. He was so articulate in his presentation and spoke from a position of strength and trust. Would I be wrong in stating that his words and presentation were so welcome in these times of uncertainty?

Over the 20 years that I have been a resident of Nevada I have taken life without angst or thought, life was good and then came the virus and “shelter in place” and the closing of all non-essential businesses. With this came the thoughts of all those affected by the loss of work and the possibilities of death if protections were not taken.

The numbers of unemployment claims filed are staggering, the number of additional staff that Sisolak has ordered has doubled and now with an additional increase of staff by 50 percent to try address the increase in calls.

After listening to the governor, I felt well informed with this information and just knew it could be trusted.

I have full faith that all of us in Nevada will look back on this event and wonder how we got through it. But we will.

I would like to nominate Sisolak as my hero for presenting the facts in an unbiased, non-political fashion. Thank you.

Joel Flamenbaum


Stop the spread

I’m saddened by the thoughtless behavior of some of my fellow Nevadans. While some are observing recommendations to self-isolate and venture out only when necessary and to wear face masks, others are blithely ignoring those recommendations.

I recently picked up my curbside grocery order and while waiting I noted that about 75 percent of those entering the store wore no face masks. I know masks are hard to find, but they can be made simply and inexpensively by using old T-shirts. I can only guess that these folks aren’t concerned about their own vulnerability. Or the health of others.

When I spoke with the store employee who brought my order to my car, I was dismayed by the stress on her face.

There’s a big difference between risking our own health and risking the health of others. We have many rights in this country, but rights are accompanied by responsibilities to others. We have the right to drive cars, but don’t have the right to drive under the influence. We have the right to discipline our children, but it’s illegal and immoral to inflict pain.

I would urge each of us to step back and consider the effects of our actions. If we disregard recommendations to wear face masks, do we put at risk the health of doctors and nurses? Grocery store employees? Our families?

I think each of us needs to consider the small sacrifices each of us can make to protect the health and lives of others.

Joyce Newman

Carson City

Bio weapon

It seems more obvious every day that the Chinese coronavirus escaped from a lab in Wuhan. Whether this was intentional or accidental is unclear, but once released it appears that China intentionally spread the virus to damage Western economies. China restricted domestic travel but allowed Wuhan residents to travel internationally.

This was a biologic attack designed to harm President Trump’s reelection. America’s resurgent economy and military strength are threats to Beijing’s geo political ambitions. They would like an American president other than Trump. Someone weak on trade and soft on China. Someone less committed to America First.

The Chinese knew that the economy was Trump’s greatest asset. Killing thousands in a worldwide pandemic to cripple the U.S. economy and bring down Trump is not unthinkable. As the former head of the Chinese Communist party said, “If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.”

Before getting in bed with the Chinese, the never Trumpers and the lame stream media should reconsider just who they are dealing with and how far they’re willing to go to achieve their goals. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. The world should boycott Chinese goods until they agreed to make reparations for the economic misery and death they caused.

Mike Rodgick

Carson City

A modern day fable

Recently a story from my college days in the 1950s mysteriously(?) popped into my head; it went something like this: “A man pulled his car over to the side of a busy highway and opened the door which, along with his arm was immediately torn off by another vehicle. When the medics arrived, he could be heard crying, ‘my Rolex, my Rolex!’”. Now, scroll ahead 60+ years and imagine President Trump screaming, “My economy, my economy!” after being briefed on the deadly ravages of the Coronavirus.

John O’Neill

Trump is the best
I would truly wish that Guy Farmer could give some good news in his column instead of showing his hatred for Trump. Again I hear a lot on the left complaining about Trump and of course they can't stand him but why don't you come up with a solution if you have one? Of course you don't because you would rather sound of and bitch. During these hard times, business closing, people out of work, do you think you might write some positive stuff? Try you might like it. I certainly won't read you column again until you change your ranting about Trump. By the way, he has been on TV on a daily basis and answering questions for about an hour or two and he always thanks his administration for the great job they are doing. In the meantime we have Pelosi who is on TV in front of her 25K refrigerator showing off her expensive ice cream in her freezer not having a clue about the American people struggling and hasn't been on the job for how many weeks now? If you are going to slam Trump why don't you slam her? Of course not, you are a Trump hater. Just so you know Trump might not be the man you like but he is the best man for the job!

Corry Steiner

Carson City

Get behind the president
Guy Farmer’s April 18 column is another irrelevant attempt from another interchangeable member of the hate-filled left to gig our President on style points.

Those of us who voted for Mr. Trump, and those who did not, knew exactly what we would be getting when he took office. I, for one, had lost patience with the milquetoast Bushes and other Republican office holders who refused to defend their policies against political and media attacks in the name of protecting “the dignity of their office.”

During this pandemic, President Trump has given the bulk of his daily briefing time to his medical and logistical experts. He offers his own daily summary because the lame-stream media will never fairly report his words and actions. For a sharp-elbowed New Yorker who doesn’t suffer his small-minded attack dog critics in silence, President Trump has been amazingly patient with the so-called journalists whose every question seems to be of the “when did you stop beating your wife” category.

President Trump’s briefings produce useful information on where the country is at with this crisis and the prospects for re-opening the United States for business. Mr. Farmer is just another small-minded hater who abuses his platform in this time of national crisis.

Lynn Muzzy


Support the president

Mr. Farmer, I don't know anything about you, nor do I really care to hear about who you are. But your recent written commentary on President Trump and the daily coronavirus briefings, was very negative and divisive. You wrote, “For our sake, I wish him well.” If you are sincere about your final words, why don't you write a more positive article on the matter, instead of articulating your hatred for him.

You and a lot of other folks express their dislike and yes, even hatred for President Trump. If you dislike the man so much, why don't you run for the office.

Allen Kunihiro



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