Letters to the Editor for October 10, 2020

Farmer speaks the truth
Over the many years I have been reading Mr. Farmer’s commentaries, he has informed me on current events; made me cringe at times with his pros and cons, likes and dislikes; entertained me; produced subject matter with excellent writing and incite; and made me a closer reader and friend by sharing his life, his deceased wife whom he still loves and speaks of highly and his family in Seattle.
Recently, his piece of journalism was a powerhouse as he expounded truths about the Cancel Culture, the BLM and the school curriculum his grandsons are being exposed to in their high school. How proud he is of his family to stand up against this indoctrination. How proud of them I am, also.
Thank you, Nevada Appeal, for allowing freedom of speech in your publications. Thank you, Mr. Farmer, for not having moved to Seattle. Your work and powerful, positive words and unashamed love of the United States of America is welcomed and needed as oppressors move into our communities. You are one of the warriors against tyranny. You encourage us to be followers and do likewise.
Carol Wentzel

Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Many mourn the loss of a legacy, an icon and a role model to many. Every American benefited from her relentless devotion to the American creed. Ginsburg had an endearing love for family. She fought for women’s rights to financial independence. Early in her career, her work laid the foundation for the Equal Opportunity Act of 1974. This gave women the right to get a credit card in their name, a bank account and a mortgage without a male co-signer.
In 1975, she challenged a rule in the Social Security Act that only granted benefits to widows, not widowers. She argued the case in behalf of the man whose wife, a teacher, died in childbirth. The child was granted benefits, not himself. Ginsburg argued the rule discriminated against working women who paid into Social Security but garnered fewer spousal benefits than men. The High Court ruled unanimously finding that spousal benefits should not be based on gender.
She similarly fought for military husbands for spousal benefits based on their wives military service. Chief Justice John Roberts said her 483 Supreme Court opinions- majority, concurring and dissenting would “steer the court for decades” to come.
“Her voice in court and in our conference room was soft, but when she spoke, people listened.”
She was known to be thoughtful, careful, compassionate and honest. She fought hard for the civil liberties for everyday Americans. We should all aspire to find common ground as she did with her ideologue opposite, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. All Americans should be grateful for her.
Mary Martin

Slandering Trump is irresponsible
All just my personal opinions, of course…
COVID: Hindsight is usually 100%. There are tons of different opinions on what could be done to fight and kill this virus. Truth is, nobody knows 100% what to do. Comparing the number of infected by area (e.g. Toronto vs. Washoe County) is comparing apples to oranges.
White supremacy: If the Indians or Africans were equal or greater in power, would we not be possibly talking “Indian or Black supremacy today?” Both groups are equal in physical and mental capability to whites; unfortunately, however, all being human, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” has to be achieved. Always has been and always will be as long as we have a planet and human beings.
Trump enthusiast: Let’s talk “Biden Enthusiast.” Accusatory, shallow thinking, ignores facts, yea party, not country, incredible claims like “20,000 false or misleading claims.” Really? Who counted them? Not enough room here to continue on.
Biden: Biden obtained several degrees and so is sharp of mind. I have two degrees, one from an Ivy League university back east and just eight credits shy of a third one. I am 83, and I can tell you my mind is not as sharp as it once was back then. Even if I could run this great country of ours, it would be irresponsible of me to try.
Soldiers: President Trump has shown nothing but huge respect for our military! Slandering him on this issue is just more lowlife innuendo!
Robert M. Hellen, Sr.
Carson City

The cart before the horse?
Candidate Biden introduced his plan to have in place an all-electric vehicle motor pool for the federal government by 2035 during the latest presidential debate. He also stated that “we” would install 500,000 charging stations. This is a lofty goal, potentially commendable in concept; however, there are some very important “considerations” to be assessed and analyzed before a plan of this magnitude can be implemented.
First, where is the power for these charging stations going to come from? For example, California has “brownouts” during peak demand times. This being evident, is there “extra” power for usage by these stations? Second, when will the “new” power resources be online and available? Third, are we talking just “mega” bucks, or are we talking “giga” bucks?
Please, everybody, let’s put the horse before the cart and look at things realistically rather than from the “pie in the sky” wish list I would prefer to see real numbers with cost analysis, implementation strategy and value analysis before committing our resources to any such endeavor.
Bill Belcher

Our world today
Injustice and evil seem to have the upper hand in the world. Christians often feel angry and discouraged as they see what goes on. The Old Testament prophets complained vigorously to God about the situation. God’s answer to them is the same. He would give us, “Be patient; I will work out my plans in my perfect timing.” It isn’t easy to be patient, but it helps to remember that God hates sin more than we do. Punishment for sin will certainly come. As God told Habakkuk (Hab 2:3), “…wait for it.” Through this message we learn that regardless of how life looks now, God controls the future and in time everything will be made right.
This hope becomes ours when we trust God even when we don’t understand why events occur as they do. Can we see a distinction between those who believe God and those who do not?
Mia Aunkst
Carson City

Trump’s timing with illness is warning to wear mask
It is unfortunate that Mr. Trump has contracted the COVID-19 virus. We all wish him a quick and complete recovery from any resulting illness. Moving Mr. Trump to Walter Reed is a wise decision.
The president and his various staffs surely are the most secured population on the planet. Yet, the COVID-19 virus has intruded. The virus is easily transmitted among us all and the virus travels absent symptoms, but little else is known. We all are living in a sea of unknowns, which then requires a universal mitigation measure: a mask.
The intrusion into the White House is an obvious call to wear a mask and stay apart from one another. Wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is simply respecting one another.
From an old white guy with three risks – 76 years old, prostate cancer and kidneys at 41% — I will not be seeing you inside a room and likely not outside.
Michael L. Greedy
Carson City

A failed understanding
I have lived in Carson City for 16 years and read the letters to the editor in the Nevada Appeal. I find that one of your most prolific letter writers is Lynn Muzzy. In his latest letter, he stands on his bully pulpit attacking Nevada Appeal guest columnist Midge Breeden, one of the smartest and nicest persons in the Carson City area because he doesn’t like what she says. I have seen him attack others who dare write something he doesn’t agree with. Is his expectation to convert everyone to his way of thinking?
On one of his letters in July, it was titled, “Trump has united the country.” What country is he talking about? It isn’t this country. We have had more protests and violence in the last 3-plus years since the ’60s. I also think he confuses BLM with looters. If you watch the BLM protests, you will see many white people have joined them. What they are protesting is that they don’t receive equal justice. The looters are just using these peaceful protests as a chance to create havoc.
Lastly, it seems like writing letters to the Appeal is Lynn’s hobby as he does it so often. Lynn, get another hobby, please.
Gary Nitzberg
Carson City


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