Letters to the Editor for May 13, 2020

Comment to local political candidates

Making disparaging and demeaning comments about your opponent speaks more about your character than it does your opponent.

Comment to local voters:

Do candidates who belittle or demean other people represent your values? If not, don’t affirm this negative conduct by voting for them.

David Smith

Carson City

Help don’t hinder that battle

I have been tremendously impressed by Gov. Sisolak’s leadership and performance in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in Nevada. He has based his decisions on sound scientific findings, expertly coordinated public health policies and practices and effectively communicated with the media and public. As a result, Nevada has the 17th lowest rate of COVID-19 infection in the nation (USA Today, Money). He should be commended for the fine job that he has done.

One wonders who was responsible for organizing the protest groups to possibly infect each other by violating social distancing orders, wearing no masks, exceeding crowd size rules, brandishing weapons, and ultimately infecting compliant citizens? Epidemiological research shows that the transmission rate of this virus is exponential, when one is infected it spreads like wildfire. Do these protesters realize the consequences of their behavior?

Why not stay at home and sew masks, make nasal swabs, or remotely read the classics or comics to your loved ones. It is completely irresponsible and morally reprehensible to gather in crowds and threaten the health of fellow community members, and ultimately medical care providers.

Dr. John Sesney


Carson City


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