Letters to the Editor for June 3, 2020

Honoring veterans is situational? Political?

In response to Bill Sweetwood’s comments May 13.

Admitting President Trump and former President Clinton were both draft dodgers, what is disturbing to me as a veteran are the hateful comments President Trump made about a military officer who was a POW, and also the lieutenant colonel with a Purple Heart who was terminated for testifying.

I cannot help wonder what the response would have been if former President Obama would have made these same comments. I think we all know the answer to that.

Bill Miller

Vietnam veteran

Carson City

They have all started with a crime

The event at Minneapolis is very similar to past events at Los Angeles, Ferguson, Baltimore and other locations. They have all started with a crime, DUI, stealing of cigarillos, illegal selling of cigarettes, use of counterfeit money, etc.

In the Minneapolis event we see a video where Mr. Floyd is being assisted to a standing position and the arrival of a police vehicle. Next we see a video of Mr. Floyd on the ground, on the opposite side of the vehicle. We do not know what has transpired from Mr. Floyd's standing position to being on the ground but we do know the police officer was wrong in his use of his knee in retaining Mr. Floyd.

In all the other events a crime was committed, an arrest was attempted, met with resistance and the unfortunate death of an individual. In many of these events looting and destruction of property occurred.

In all of these events nothing was said about the crime that started the event and little was ever done in a punishment of the looters. President Obama, when talking about these events, only talked about police brutality and racism. He never mentioned a crime had initiated the event.

I believe this lack of attention and accountability will only result in more and larger incidents in the future.

Sanford Deyo


Addressing the elephant

The elephant in the room is COVID-19, but let’s pretend it’s only a common cold or another flu virus. And let’s pretend it doesn’t spread three times faster than other viruses, and its death rate isn’t higher.

Some of us pretend that we’re safe if we follow CDC minimum guidelines, but recognize that healthcare workers and first responders exceed those guidelines, and they’re still being infected. But all of us want to get back to “Normal!” We want our “Rights!” And we want it right now, so let’s pretend the elephant will “magically disappear.”

First, however, we’ll need to forget history and how the Spanish flu spread throughout the nation for two years before it magically disappeared. It would’ve lasted longer, but a correlation was observed between its ease of spread and indoor gatherings of people.

Finally, lets ignore God’s commandment to love one another. Let’s all stop wearing facemask as an act of love, and become fearless macho immortals. The elephant really isn’t big, and it’s not really in the room! Nor is it luring us like seductive sirens, into its poorly ventilated, enclosed incubators. Anyone for an elephant burger? Come on in! It’s to die for!

Kenneth Ready

Carson City

Spreading fear and paranoia

I feel so bad with what our world is currently experiencing with the spread of COVID-19. This virus has completely paralyzed our economy and shuttered our local businesses. Not to mention almost 100,000 deaths.

However, this was the ultimate result of our poor, inept leadership and constant inaccuracies from our fake news media. Most of our leaders chose to take the cowardly way out by shutting down our venues, bars and casinos. Record unemployment has now grown to unsustainable heights, creating further fear and paranoia.

Coronavirus or not, we should have never shut down any part of our economy at all. We could have handled this situation a lot better. Instead, our U.S. Constitution has been violated. Congratulations, liberals: you've won, and you've proved your point by controlling the public like mindless zombies. Now why don't you stop acting like babies, enforce your role as real leaders, and reopen our economy right now. Otherwise, we will experience a second Great Depression!

Joshua Dealy

Carson City

Do your part pick up the trash

Trash, trash trash.

Since we have been in sheltered lockdown and my fitness center is closed, I have walked every morning around the northeast side of Carson. I am amazed at the large amount of trash on the ground.

On Lompa from Highway 50 to College Parkway, Russell Road from Highway 50 to Northridge, Airport road just past Nye all the way to College Parkway. On College Parkway, anywhere there is brush there is plenty of trash.

On South Lompa where kids ride bikes in the dirt and citizens watch July 4 fireworks, there is plenty of trash. Any trash near Walmart will blow all the way over to the freeway fence by Home Depot. On May 19, someone dumped a stove appliance on the ground on North Lompa.

I recently bought a trash picker and picked up all the trash a few blocks from my home. It was back in two weeks. Anywhere you go it’s all the same. Alcohol bottles and cans, plastic bags and gloves, masks, garage sale signs, cigarette boxes and butts, and dog poop. I remember when the trail by the Boys & Girls Club was new. Now it’s littered with trash, dog poop, and graffiti.

Bottom line is we are so blessed to wake up each day and see these beautiful mountains, blue sky, and clean air. This trash started somewhere. Until we show more respect for each other and our city, it will just continue and get worse.

Robert Love

Carson City


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