Letters to the Editor for June 10, 2020

An unfortunate use of force

I have a message for the 57 police officers in Buffalo, New York who resigned in protest over the suspension of the two officers who pushed a 75-year-old man backward, causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement. The man lay, bleeding from his ear, as no fewer than 20 officers just walked by, as if he were invisible.

The initial police report indicated that the elderly man had "tripped" – clearly a lie, as evidenced by the video.

This man posed absolutely no threat whatsoever – the force used by the police is indefensible, and illustrates what this protest is about!

Every one of those officers swore an oath to protect and defend their fellow citizens which is not accomplished by assaulting a senior who is engaged in peaceful protest.

So, to those 57 officers who resigned in protest, let me say, "Bye! Don't let the door smack you on the butt on your way out!"

Patricia Coryell

Carson City

Celebrate all of Carson’s businesses

As a local small business owner, I was disheartened to see that the Nevada Appeal has decided to go ahead with the annual Best of Carson City contest.

So many of our local businesses have been affected by this difficult financial crisis we are currently in due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Those businesses deemed non-essential have been closed for months and are just now reopening. Others are closed and show no sign of coming back. I feel it would have been better to cancel it this year completely. This would give many a chance to focus on the challenges associated with reopening and running a business in the "new norm.” It could also have been pushed back further into the fall after we see how things proceed here in Carson City. This is a time to celebrate and honor all our Carson City businesses.

Margie Quirk

Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital

Kneeling further divides country

I am writing this to illustrate why I think the NFL should reconsider letting players kneel during the playing of the national anthem. The flag is a symbol of the country that allows peaceful social protest and therefore should be respected. To disrespect the flag in itself is a protest of the very country that allows the social protest and therefore you are protesting against your own protest. You are in affect kneeling on your own neck. You say that you want equality and fair representation, yet you allow your own supporters to sully your cause with riots and destruction of the country you want to provide you equality.

Kneeling during the national anthem will further divide what your protests want to accomplish from those that you want to understand your plight. That in itself will make all that you want harder to get. Also, the longer you allow failed social programs to run your lives the longer your Black Lives Matter movement will fail. Many social programs are using people of color for personal gain. Those that run such programs use them as power over you. Your well being means nothing to them and the longer they keep you with them the greater their power over you will exist. You need to take a hard look at who and what these programs have done for you and you will soon see that social equality is not a major goal.

For the most part you get what you sew. As things sit right now Black Lives Matter is just a slogan and it will remain so unless you rid yourselves of those that are running the show. Liberal programs are not going to get you where you want to go. They will continue to stand in your way just like they always have. Government handout programs are a sham. They keep you down by providing you money to live on but no way to better yourselves. They make it a way of life rather than a path to self-improvement. You are being duped and I hope you get smart soon.

Kelly Madigan

Carson City


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