Letters to the Editor for June 20, 2020

Thank you voters for your support

As a candidate for Board of Supervisors Ward 4, I would like to personally thank all the voters who took the time to vote whether you voted for me or not. I know this election process was a little different than the past to say the least, I am honored for the 2,040 voters who believed in me and my candidacy. As a three-year resident of Carson City I am very humbled and grateful for your support and vote. I would like to extend a special thanks to Team Michael; which consists of my wife, friends and supporters who diligently worked during this campaign. I truly appreciated all their hard work.

As a strong advocate for open communication, transparency and accountability I look forward to another opportunity. I will remain positive, and continue to be a willing servant for the people of Carson City, until then be safe and be well!

Michael “Mike” Smith

Carson City

Furlong, Sheriff’s Office should be commended

With all that is going on around the George Floyd tragedy there has been a lot of talk of “defunding” the police. Of course the term “defund” is a misnomer and very deceiving as the idea is to reallocate resources and the way a police force operates away from traditional polices of command and control (and escalate) to policies of cooperation, communication, and treatment for many of the non-criminal issues the police deal with such as mental health and public protests (de-escalation).

I think it is a good idea as evidenced by the very excellent column by Sheriff Furlong in (the June 17) paper. There have been many demonstrations in Carson City and all have been peaceful. The two themes the sheriff’s article that most stuck out for me were those of “de-escalation” and inclusion.

Furlong and the sheriff’s force are to be commended for an excellent approach to law enforcement that holds at it’s heart the very principles of “defunding” the police. In other words, law enforcement as a “service to the community,” and not as an oppressive and control-oriented power force. Thanks guys for all you do and the way you do it.

Steve Browne

Carson Cigar Company

Why we have a court system

This is written as advise to anyone who wants to listen.

If you ever find yourself in a dilemma with law enforcement and hear these three simple words, "You're under arrest," just comply. You can ask "What are the charges?" but don't respond with "No, I'm not going to jail.” As this will most probably just bring the additional charge of "Resisting Arrest" and possibly lead to escalating violence brought on by yourself and occasionally to a tragic end as has been recently seen around the U.S.

There is a court system in the U.S. that allows you to plead your case of guilt or innocence to the alleged charges brought against you to a Judge. The judge will make the decision if you have committed, or have not committed the crimes you're charged with. He makes the decision if you go to jail or not. You do not make that decision.

And in closing may I say to ultra lefty Rick, "Communist Russia wasn't keen on religion either.” You probably pray to Saul Alinsky's "A Liberal Playbook,” not the Bible or Torah.

George Gerlach



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