Letters to the Editor concerning the primary election

The Nevada Appeal will run letters pertaining to the 2020 primary election weekly online. The Appeal stopped letters about the primary election in print on May 2 after ballots were received.

Support White for supervisor

Shortly after moving to Carson City four years ago I had the privilege of meeting Maurice White and quickly became enamored with his no nonsense approach to the issues and objectives facing Carson City. Maurice is a lifelong residence of Carson City and has been involved in numerous community activities ranging from forming Pop Warner football here in Carson City to being a driving force in the historical prison preservation group.
Maurice is running for Carson City Supervisor Ward 2, and is well qualified for the position. Maurice is well versed in the history of Carson City and the objectives and challenges facing the city’s future. Watching Maurice’s participation in meetings and involvement with others, he is always open minded and interested in hearing alternative points of view. Maurice describes himself as a constitutionalist; weighing his decisions against the intentions of our Founding Fathers. He believes strongly in the rights of the individual and the protection of those rights.
It is my honor to support Maurice in his bid to earn the Ward 2 Supervisor position. I encourage you to explore Maurice’s background and platform by visiting his web page at MauriceForWard2@gmail.com and by voting.

Joe Hart

Carson City

White is right choice

We have known Maurice White for over 10 years. We have interacted with him on many occasions regarding Carson City, its city government, community issues and his involvement to support many local philanthropic and sports-oriented organizations. He has a broad educational background as well as a successful employment career in both the education and private sector fields. Maurice is well versed in the Carson City planning and budget issues and is approachable and open to discuss and consider various viewpoints brought to his attention.

As a lifelong Nevadan, Maurice would be an excellent addition to the Board of Supervisors to move Carson City forward and in the right direction.

Steve and Sandra Markoe


Rodriguez for Supreme Court

I write to express my support of Esther Rodriguez for Nevada Supreme Court. I am a 53-year resident of Nevada having graduated from UNR in 1970, and honored to be inducted into the UNR Hall of Fame. At that time, I was a national champion in boxing, and honorable mention All-American and all-conference. After returning from service in the Army, my wife Laurie Nady and I lived in Reno for many years, where I owned and armored car service and a home healthcare business.

We moved to Las Vegas in 2000 where I started the taxicab company, A Cab. Esther has been my attorney since inception of the company. She is a brilliant and talented lawyer who is committed to her clients, and will be an outstanding Supreme Court justice. She is the hardest-working, most intelligent and most knowledgeable attorney I have ever known. She truly cares about people, about our community, and the well-being of companies such as mine. I wholeheartedly endorse her for the Supreme Court, and encourage your readers to vote for her in the upcoming primary.

Jay Nady

Owner, A Cab Taxi

Las Vegas

Support Jennings for mayor

Tod Jennings has my mayor vote for Mayor. Tod is a 1976 graduate of Carson High School.

Upon graduating from Carson High, he reported for active duty with the U.S. Air Force. He served in the USAF for 21 years with a multitude of assignments.

When Tod retired from the military he returned to Nevada. Since his return, Tod earned a teaching degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. Tod taught eighth grade math in Fernley for one year before returning home to Carson City to teach at St. Teresa’s Catholic School for five years. Tod has spent the last four years teaching math and science to kids with special needs at Carson High School.

Tod is very service oriented. He has also served as a member of the Board of Trustees for his church as well as a lay reader during church services. In addition, he was District and Post 4 Commander for the American Legion and spent two terms on the National Public Relations Commission.

If elected, Tod will bring an open mind, listening ears and a desire to serve the members of our community to the best of his abilities. Tod will come to the job with no pre-conceived notions that only he has the best ideas or knows everything — a frequent thread in his evaluations while in the USAF was his ability for building teams.

I feel he will make a great mayor for this city we all love.

Kay Elverum

Carson City

Support Schuette for Supervisor

I am writing in support of Lisa Schuette for Supervisor, Ward 4. I have known Lisa, a Carson City native, for most of my life. Lisa is a kind, ethical, honest, and intelligent person who is deeply committed to this community. She is someone who examines all sides of an issue, and who can seek common ground to bring people together for positive results.

An example is how she started the Carson Animal Services Initiative and brought in people from throughout our community to fundraise and ultimately construct and supply the new animal shelter.
As a teacher, Lisa worked tirelessly to educate middle school kids about their health. I have heard many great stories from former students about how Lisa was able to turn what can often be a difficult and embarrassing curriculum into a fun and enjoyable experience. In 2013 she was named teacher of the year. As a nurse and mother of three, I know how important it is to have an honest dialogue about the health and safety of our children and community.
Lisa’s passion to serve goes back to her early days as a sheriff’s officer and youth counselor with the Juvenile Probation Center. She is willing to have those difficult conversations with kids, families, and the community. She is extremely capable and willing to work across the aisle and build bridges for our city and citizens.
Lisa will put Carson City first. That is why I am supporting her for Supervisor Ward 4.

Lynn Berggren

Carson City

Support Shirk for mayor

I just want to thank Guy Farmer for writing an article about Carson City's "good ol’ boys." Guy, you mentioned candidates you will be voting for and sadly, solely because they are your friends.

But you see, Mr. Farmer, an informed voter would not vote for someone on friendship alone. No, a voter would be looking for the "best" candidate for the job. We are looking for the one that talks the talk, and walks the walk. I also look for the politician’s actions.

On that note: Jim Shirk’s actions for Carson City residents speak volumes and that is why he will get my vote for Mayor.
Shirk has the knowledge as a successful small business owner, has experience as a former supervisor, and the courage to take on the good ol’ boys and their pricey “special interest” groups they work for. Shirk will not flip-flop on issues after elected.
Let's vote for Shirk for mayor. Heck, we might even get a politician that will actually work for the little guys’ hard-earned tax dollar. We can only tax our water and sewage bill so many years, for Pete's sake.

Again, I want to thank Mr. Farmer for helping me make my decision on what politicians I want running our great city. Your column (May 9 "Endorsements for the primary election") was sooooo very helpful.

Sunni Enciso

Carson City

Ackerman has vote in CD2 race

Patricia Ackerman has my support to represent Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District. As a high-altitude mountaineer, Patricia is respectful of the environment and will put conservation ahead of special interests and corporations, keeping our public lands accessible. Additionally, Patricia is running for Congress to protect our air and water rights, unlike Congressman Mark Amodei who voted to remove the EPA’s restriction of PFAs (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as “forever chemicals”) from the Chemical Hazard Assessment Program and the Clean Water Rule. She also supports expanding Social Security benefits as well as strengthening healthcare access for seniors; these are very important issues to someone in my demographic. And for those still in the workforce, Patricia wants to implement universal paid sick and family leave, an especially timely concern during our national pandemic. Let’s cast our vote for Patricia Ackerman in the June primary and support her in defeating Congressman Amodei in November.

Cindi Burrows
Carson City

Ackerman right choice

I am a retired rancher, having lived in the Northern Nevada area for more than 75 years and have been active in the community for many decades along with my wife.

We would urge support of Patricia “Tricia” Ackerman for congressional district 2. We have worked with her over the past three years and find her a capable and compassionate person who would make a fine representative in the U.S. Congress.

She is a major conservationist who cares about the water, climate, agriculture, people and wildlife in Nevada, the U.S., and the world. To learn about her other priorities, such as health care for all, fighting corruption and restarting our economy, visit ackerman4congress.com or email her at patricia@ackerman4congress.com.

Graham (Gim) and Joyce Hollister, Jr.



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