Letters to the Editor for July 8, 2020

Teri’s column was inspiring

Please extend my thanks to Teri Vance for her column “Finding America in the Silence.” Her honest eloquence speaks for many of us.

Sharing this experience in such a vulnerable, heartfelt way helps us see the many ways, small and large, that interfere with our innate ability to connect in authentic and healthy ways.

It’s only by seeing such attitudes and behaviors clearly that we will be able to move in a direction of harmony and peace. Teri’s column is truly helpful and inspiring.

Kathy Schwerin

Carson City

Our choice to make

Just watched the "Lesson at the Mount" and I think it was the defining moment of the entire year. If ever there was any doubt as to what America is and can continue to be there should be no debate now.

The choices are clear, lose everything we have accomplished in 244 years, or destroy it all and the American way of life along with it.

Think about it … we have been a country for only 244 years while others have been around for thousands and have not accomplished a fraction of what we have. Granted we are not perfect and do have problems that need to be addressed, but we have a way of life that allows for the ability to address and make adjustments and not be dictated to and told what to do. That is freedom, that is what makes us unique.

That is why we are hated by those who want to change us and at the same time envied by those who long to be like us. Sadly, much of the hate comes from within our own ranks as power hungry factions would destroy for personal gain at the expense of any they can dupe into thinking it is in their best interests when, in fact, only those in power reap any benefit. As always, the choice is ours to make.

Kelly Madigan

Carson City

Trump unites country

Regarding “Trump is a clear underdog,” I remind the estimable Jim Hartman that timing is everything. The gloomy polls he cites were done before President Trump’s July 3 Mount Rushmore speech that laid bare the BLM sham.

The number of black lives snuffed out in BLM-controlled, crime-infested city center charnel houses are far greater than anything that went before. An eloquent and optimistic Trump pushed back against BLM’s attempt to pervert our country’s history and laid out a path for making America truly great again.

Joe Biden’s barely coherent June 30 rant painted the United States as a horrible country, irredeemably racist. Who wants a pessimistic president that would drag our nation down, to wallow in collective white guilt and be held hostage to a perverted version of our nation’s past?

BLM leaders rebuked Michelle Obama recently for saying that while she “can’t make people not afraid of black people,” blacks can address racism’s effects through how they lead their lives. The new radical left has targeted liberal royalty like Mrs. Obama and other old left Democrat party leaders who have to be swept aside for BLM’s own, more radical, governance. Young BLM groupies have become useful idiots in service to this insurrection.

Biden kicked off Independence Day by bellyaching about how rotten his county has become. Trump called out America’s internal and external enemies and forecast how great our future can be. Who would you vote for?

Lynn Muzzy


Care for each other

With Each Coming Day

My heart cries for those
who have lost so much,
the laughter of a family,
a true loving touch

Too many are gone lifeless
or locked away,
for an end to injustice,
millions now daily pray

Each to their own
yet one to another,
no matter were the same,
all sisters and brothers

There is love there is hatred,
those with hate soon will not be,
only those who harbor love,
will ever be free

Hate is a plague
that will go away,
to that end we must
open our hearts,
with each coming day…

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City


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