Letters to the Editor for July 11, 2020

On flip-flopping

When candidates tout a two-sided dish

Our retort might be that it smells like fish…

To a then double-dished political ploy

We’d perforce have to say something’s fishy — ahoy!

— It’s amply served up by both Party Beasts

As we find ourselves guests at their Polling Feasts —

But when one-such delivers forked tongue crock

We then name it “flip-flopping” like fish on a dock —

‘Twould be best if they’d all just tell the whole truth

‘Cause the truth is one-sided, not two — forsooth!

So, whichever the way this ill wind blows

That’s just the way Trump’s ego goes!

Thane Cornell

Carson City

Care for each other

With Each Coming Day

My heart cries for those

who have lost so much,

the laughter of a family,

a true loving touch

Too many are gone lifeless

or locked away,

for an end to injustice,

millions now daily pray

Each to their own

yet one to another,

no matter were the same,

all sisters and brothers

There is love there is hatred,

those with hate soon will not be,

only those who harbor love,

will ever be free

Hate is a plague

that will go away,

to that end we must

open our hearts,

with each coming day…

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City

I do belong here

On Independence Day, I was on the Capitol Grounds. This is where I was the target of a hostile verbal assault: “Get out of here! You don’t belong here! You’re not welcome here!”

This was an insult and a shock to me. I have lived and worked in Nevada for more than 35 years. My husband and I have raised our family here. Our children were born in St. Mary’s hospital in Reno. I have coached your kids’ soccer teams. I was president of the PTA. I volunteer for suicide prevention. I present public lectures about Kit Carson’s 1844 crossing of the Sierra Nevada. I work to protect Nevada’s ancient petroglyphs. I help clean up trash from illegal dumping on public lands. I volunteer as a tutor. I work to protect the Carson River watershed, the lifeline in northern Nevada that connects us all.

I do belong here.

“You’re not welcome here!” Wow. Nobody has ever screamed directly in my face like that before. And the middle-aged woman who shouted at me (another middle-aged woman) was not alone. Thankfully, Carson City Sheriff's deputies were on site to help protect me from physical aggression.

“Get out of here! You don’t belong here!”

No. I DO belong here.

What had I done to enrage this woman and her group of friends? I carried an American flag and a sign that read “Black Lives Matter.”

I will be back Saturday with my flag and my sign. Please leave your hate at home.

Dianne Jennings


Trump continues to cover for Putin

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here we are... stuck in the middle with Putin's personal puppet. $100,000 bounties on an American corpse, triggered by Putin. Since you've lied over 20,000 times in the last few years, why would I believe you when you say, “I didn’t know anything about it." And... here we go again... it's a "hoax." "Fake news.” And why didn't you know about it? Isn't that your job?

Read the daily PDBs you knucklehead. Your number one job is to protect and defend the citizens of this country. You can't yell at your intelligence people, doing their sworn duty to try to fill your vacuous cranium with "intelligence reports." You can't have it both ways. Ignorance, stupidity and laziness is not an excuse for not knowing highly sensitive information handed directly to you. You can't throw tantrums and dismiss information that may tell you explicitly that your master, Bad Vlad Putin, is a bad man, a murderer.

My advice Bungler-in-chief is to quit before you lose and the SDNY cuffs you like a serious person of interest, leading to surefire indictments. Take the next copter to a country or island that does not have extradition. And then a flight to Moscow. Of course, that might be a little dicey, if not poisonous, since you would no longer be Vlad's boy. Better get some real intel before you make a rash decision.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City


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