Letters to the Editor for July 18, 2020

Russia is the enemy

Mr. Van Alfen's letter of July 15 starts with mentioning “$100,000 bounties on an American corpse, triggered by Putin.” I do not see where this has been confirmed by the DOD intel people as of this date. Van Alfen’s use of unconfirmed, “fake or false news” is typical of the approach used by many lately. It has been a factor in the division that has developed in this country.

During the Obama presidency a reward of $25 million was offered by our country for information leading to the capture or death of Bin Laden. I believe it is proper to offer rewards for individuals that are enemies of this country, but also believe it is being “two-faced” when criticizing other nations for things your nation also does.

Van Alfen goes on to state the number one job of the president is to protect and defend the citizens of this country. During the Obama presidency the Russians, under the Uranium One Deal, were able to own about 20 percent of the U.S. Uranium production capacity. Mr. Van Alfen, do you realize the primary use of uranium is the production of nuclear weapons? Do you know that Russia is considered as a major enemy to this country and its citizens?

I believe Van Alfen is one of those that believe in “my party right or wrong” and have little concern for all the citizens of this country.

Final thought for Van Alfen, I was taught when you resort to name calling it is a sign you have lost your side of any debate or conversation.

Sanford Deyo



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