Highway 395 remains closed as Numbers Fire burns in Pine Nuts

Carson Valley residents awoke to a blanket of smoke as the Numbers Fire continued to burn through the night.

A smoke plume was rising above the Pine Nut Mountains at dawn today as firefighters prepared for another difficult day bringing the blaze under control.

The fire started at 7 p.m. Monday above Pine View Estates and the flames could be seen from across Carson Valley stretching from Highway 395 north to Fish Springs.

This morning Highway 395 remains closed at Riverview Drive and Holbrook Junction.

Because of wind and the coming darkness aircraft weren’t able to make a dent on the fire, but today there should be good flying weather.

Handcrews from across the Sierra Front responded to the fire. East Fork Battalion Chief Scott Fraser is the incident commander this morning.

There is no word on when residents of Pine View Estates, Bodie Flats or Out R Way will be allowed back in their homes.

No information on whether homes have been lost or if anyone has been injured in the fire is available this morning.

It was estimated late Monday night to be 2,500 acres.


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