Letters to the Editor for July 4, 2020

Carson City drivers need to slow down

Did I miss something in the news about a change in the speed limit on Roop Street since January 2020?

I’m thinking I must have and that the limit on Roop Street between Winnie Lane and U.S. Highway 50 went from 25 mph to 55 mph based on the way a majority of the ignoramus drivers are driving it.

People! The speed limit, in town, is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.

I am baffled by people who go flying by me just to end up sitting at the stop light at Long or U.S. 50 when I pull up along side them. Not to mention when I walk my dog on Roop Street!

I fear for our lives people are driving so fast.

Kenny, I know you all are busy with the other crazy crap going on these days, but could you put a patrol person somewhere close to the light at Stewart and Roop? You could probably singlehandedly erase whatever budget deficit we have just in traffic tickets alone.

In the meantime, everyone slow down! Before you kill yourself, or God forbid, some other poor innocent soul just out walking their dog!

Hope Tingle

Carson City

Simple solution for schools

In Connecticut the schools will be opening in late August as they do each year.

Teachers and students will wear masks and there will be lots of warm water and soap and/or hand sanitizer to use.

Why can't Carson City Schools do that? Pretty simple solution.

Pam Pierson

ex-Carson City teacher

Support law enforcement

I’m writing this letter to stand in support of law enforcement officers. It is never wise to paint with a broad brush.

You can’t say all law enforcement officers are bad, or racists or whatever, any more than you can claim all auto mechanics overcharge, or all journalists are biased. Every profession, every community, every race, is made up of human beings good and bad.

I happen to believe the majority of people, especially those in law enforcement, are good. Who else but good people would sign up for such a thankless job where you are yelled at, spit on, and pelted with everything from bricks to feces? A job that requires you to go into the most volatile and dangerous of situations where life and death decisions must be made in a fraction of a second. A job that requires you to witness the absolute worst of humanity.

Of course, there are bad apples in every profession, and they must be removed from law enforcement. But to claim all law enforcement officers are inherently bad and racists? Nearly half the officers in large cities are people of color. Are they racists, too?
There was a young mother walking down the street whose child had swallowed an object that got stuck in his throat. Frantic, the mother rushed her child, now turning blue, to the nearest police officer. Without hesitation the officer gave the child the Heimlich maneuver and saved the child’s life. At the time the mother was participating in an anti-police demonstration. I sure hope she went home and not back to the demonstration.

Marcia Warne

Carson City

Masks are not normal

Why are healthy people forced to wear a mask? We must find a better way to address this battle — now — and there is one. We need to fight the correct fight — we are not China.

We live in the best country with freedom to uncover the proper way to protect all of us ... and it is not healthy people wearing a mask

Every one of us knows — we need to breathe to survive. Every system in our body relies on oxygen. Breathing brings in oxygen then flushing out carbon dioxide!

We must support our businesses — we need each other!

Let’s demand those we elected to find a better way!

We all know how to cook a frog — slowly so he does not jump out of the pot where he likes the warm water and before he knows it the water is boiling and he is nicely cooked. Well I am not a frog and neither are you.

Think about it — what happens when your brain does not get oxygen?

Let us not allow our loved ones to think this is normal; we know better.

Let’s all pray for ways to help and support each other — only God can move mountains but prayer can move God !

Let’s get angry at those that we elected to protect and defend us while they are willing to accept and be led by the nose, not willing to work at finding a better way.

Refuse to fight each other.

Rosie Laird

Carson City


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