Letters to the Editor for April 10, 2019

Hospital, 911 staff deserves recognition for care, quick response

My husband and I woke up because our son was making strange breathing noises. Panic and adrenaline raced through me as I watched my 16-month-old struggle to breathe. I called 9-1-1. The lady who took my call was so compassionate as I babbled through his symptoms while trying not to cry. Her gentleness was the reassuring touch I needed as she told me the paramedics were on their way, and she stayed on the phone with me until they got there. The team of paramedics that arrived at 1 a.m. were kind and calming as my tears spilled over my face and my husband did all the talking. I rode in the ambulance with my son and the paramedic talked the whole way reassuring me that we were both doing great. At Carson Tahoe Emergency, we were greeted by nurses, a doctor and respite staff. Every single person I encountered treated us with care and tenderheartedness. Did I mention this was at 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.?! Every single person was a treasure the entire time they treated my son. Thank you to all of you dedicated midnight heroes. You make the difference.

Wednesday Andrews

Carson City

Bill’s sponsors presumptive about enforcement

Local law enforcement would detain criminals found to be counterfeiting U.S. currency, a violation of federal law. Yet, AB281, presented to the Nevada Legislative Judiciary Committee on March 29, would forbid Nevada cops from detaining illegal alien lawbreakers under most circumstances. Nevada legislators think they can pick which federal laws get enforced.

Despite Judiciary Chairman Yeager delaying the AB281 hearing for two hours and having their speaking time cut, members of the anti-281 overflow crowd at Friday’s hearing spent 52 minutes making irrefutable legal, moral, public safety and practical arguments against turning Nevada into a sanctuary state.

The bill’s sponsors, all Las Vegas Democrats, seem to want to impose their dangerous mandates on us rural counties. AB281 demands that our sheriffs violate federal law. We say no.

Lynn Muzzy


Rights should be left alone

Letter to the citizens:

Hypocrisy = The practice of expressing feelings, beliefs or virtues one does not hold or possess.

Spell hypocrisy = government.

Many in government feel the death penalty is too inhumane, so they want to do away with it.

Many in government feel full birth abortion should be legal.


Many in government feel a border wall is illegal or not needed to help stop illegal immigration.

Many in government want to turn their cities or states into a sanctuary place for people who have broken our immigration laws.

Our elected officials take an oath to protect and defend our country and constitution as well as represent (We the People) the government.

There is a proper and legal way to move to our country. Many in government feel this process is outdated. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have had a time when they controlled the Congress, the Senate and the president’s office and still couldn’t or did not change the process.

Leave our rights alone.

Bill and Marie Sweetwood

Carson City

Approach Nevadans about their stance on border wall

I would like to ask the Attorney General Aaron Ford before deciding that he is not in favor of a border wall that he check with the folks in Nevada. This state can’t take care of its vets, seniors and the homeless but is eager to let the illegals come in this country. I came to this country legally and worked hard to become a citizen of this great country and it really ticks me off that the Democrats are working so hard for the illegals and all the benefits they get. It’s time you ask the American citizens how they feel and let us vote on the wall, not you sitting in your fancy office and have walls around your own homes. Hypocrisy at its best!

Helena Steiner

Carson City

Resident argues other side of suicide bill

This is in response to the letter by Mary Santomauro published April 6. If you don’t feel like physician assisted suicide is for you, that’s great. But for you to question and downright insult people who would actually not want to spend the last few months of their lives in pain, wasting away is not a very Godlike thing to do. Typical Bible thumping, judgmental blather that I can’t stand. I really hope this bill passes so I know there is a dignified way to end my pain should the need arise. My “God” will be OK with this, I’m sure.

Suzann Kelly


Democratic control destroying immigration policies

Our beautiful state has gone to heck in a handbasket. What happened and it happened so fast! With the influx of Californians, they have elected a Democratic governor and other very high state and U.S. Democratic offices. Our red state has turned almost 100 percent blue.

Now the Nevada attorney general is suing Trump to stop his border wall fencing to help stop the influx of illegals which we can no longer financially sustain with all their social costs that we must bare. I have no problem with legal immigration as I am one from Canada. Back in 1958, my father came across with a visa and had to live here for a full year and show the government he was able to support his family without aid. One year later myself, my mother and sister came over in 1959. In 1966, we were all naturalized and very proud to be a citizen of our newly adopted country. So what happened? Why have we fallen into a state of disorder, array and lawlessness?

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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