Letters to the Editor for August 29, 2020

Amodei should support Post Office

Both my wife and I called Mark Amodei’s office last week and his aides told both of us that Amodei supported the Post Office. Then I checked his vote (on Clerk.house.gov) and found that he was a “no show” on the roll call for HR 8015, the bill that just passed the House that provides financial support to the Post Office.

We are already seeing delays in our mail in Dayton and are worried about bills and other important correspondence.

Please join me in calling his office early this week and shaming him for not showing up. His Nevada office number is 775-686-5760.

John Hartley


More common sense

Great column from Shelly Aldean in Aug. 19 paper. Political correctness is becoming politically extremist. It has gone from removing racial, sexual, handicapped slurs from our language (good) to decrying words, movies, motion pictures and more (bad). When does political correctness become outright censorship? How about the racial language inherent in many Hip Hop recordings? Also, don't white lives, Hispanic lives, Asian lives, police lives and, especially all lives matter? Will it soon be anti-swine to say "Sweat like a pig" is denigrating to all pigs?
We could comment that this extremism does not apply to certain groups of chosen people but that would be insulting to our Jewish brethren. I do not mean to denigrate anyone, but let's get some common sense into all this hurrah!

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City


Many highly regarded Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and others have all questioned Donald Trump's intelligence. Obama, in addressing the Democratic National Convention and referring to President Trump, has stated those in elected office should not use their position to enhance their personal wealth or that of others.

Trump amassed his fortune in the private sector prior to entering the public sector. As president he has donated his salary to various entities. I believe that a high degree of intelligence is necessary in the private sector as an understanding of all the governmental regulations, federal, state and local is required. A high degree of intelligence is also required as you are competing with others of high intelligence.

Obama, Clinton, Warren and Biden have all enhanced their net worth, or that of their family, while serving in the public sector and working for the betterment of the working class. Any book they may have authored, or presentation they may offer, is primarily of interest because of their time in public service.

I feel this questioning of Trump's intelligence is not only hypocritical, but is also a reflection of the accuser's honesty and integrity.

Sanford Deyo


RNC was ‘showmanship’

I can't find sincerity in the Donald Trump family. The RNC demonstrated the "showmanship" this family exhibits in a way of masquerading to the American public into believing this administration cares about the average American person.

Melania Trump, attired in a Soviet militia suit, struts a Soviet tank catwalk and reads from a script while Donald Trump sits, arms folded looking at her in anything but a loving manner. Melania's "Be Best" program is supposed to combat cyber bullying, yet her husband continues bullying on Twitter. I don't feel the Trump family has any love, except for money and power. I can feel the love between Joe and Jill Biden.

Why would a billionaire want to be president except maybe for power, control and money? According to Mary Trump’s book, Donald attempted to put a codicil on his father Fred's will. His father, in the midst of dementia, refused to sign Donald's paperwork, perhaps sensing Donald's dishonesty. Did Donald Trump want his entire father's estate for himself?
How can he be trusted with " the people's" money?

Ann Burke

Carson City


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