Letters to the Editor for April 1, 2020

Catmandu needs supplies, donations

Since the onset of this horrible coronavirus, there understandably are some wonderful, nonprofit organizations that are being forgotten but still need your help and depend on your donations.

Catmandu is one of them, and is a wonderful sanctuary devoted to homeless cats. This environment provides them with a free roaming atmosphere throughout a large house with a wonderful enclosed outdoor "Cateo" attached. All the cats are well cared for and loved, but they need your help.

Now, more than ever, supplies are running low and donations are always accepted and appreciated! They are also open, by appointment only, for adoptions and adoptable surrenders.

Please call Linda at 775-297-3419 Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for an appointment and information.

Thank you for all your help!

Catmandu is located at 1829 Brown St. in Carson City.

Celia Johnson


Thank you for allowing me to serve

Thanks for the chance to serve you as a member of the Board of Supervisors, the community’s governing board on policy. My term ends later this year and, though I’ve decided against seeking re-election for various reasons, my interest in city progress remains strong.

Though as a board we achieved just part of what I had hoped, many challenges will remain with us perpetually. They include enhancing public safety, which is fine but always requires attention, upgrading and maintaining infrastructure, and improving quality of life.

Strides have been made in community culture, for example, but more is needed as the city forges ahead.

I would like, during my final months in office, to encourage Carson City residents to consider aspects of our community that make policy work well here. Foremost is the people, who give time and effort to making improvements, but such aspects also include our governing forms.

The Board of Supervisors is a non-partisan unit, which is best for encouraging sound government.

Ours also is a city manager form of government, and this is a consolidated city-county. The trio makes for a stellar combination.

These four city foundations — 1. Our people, 2. Board non-partisanship, 3. City management — separating politics and policy from day-to-day operations — and 4. City-county consolidation provide us the best chance for a bright future built on a fine past.

I urge that each of us continue to build on these four pillars. Also, during these uncertain times regarding health, keep safe so you can continue contributing to Carson City’s future.

Thanks again.

Supervisor John Barrette, Ward 4

Carson City

Thank you Dayton Elementary School staff and teachers

Here in Dayton we are feeling every bit of our country’s concerns and are practicing social responsibility as best we can. As parents this means we have also taken on the role of teacher.

This could be a very daunting task as early education sets a foundation for how are children prepare for higher learning. However, at Dayton Elementary School, our leaders and teachers have made this first week of at-home learning fun and stress-free.

As parents we have been provided with all of the tools necessary to keep our children on track with their current curriculum. This includes daily check-ins from our teachers, homework packets for daily work, opportunities to participate in live classrooms and a virtual spirit week.

Principal Mrs. Peters reads every night at 7 p.m. via a live Facebook feed. I have always appreciated the work our teachers have put into teaching and encouraging my children.

Being an effective educator takes dedication to the work being done and believing in the goal of promoting education and cooperation and supporting children to be the best a person can be.

In these times of such great tragedy and isolation I wanted to recognize those who continue to make our world a better place. Thank you to all at Dayton Elementary School and the parents who willingly have taken on the task of educating our children.

Jennifer Galimba


Useable items could help others

It looks like Adele’s will not be moved. Before it is demolished, volunteers from F.I.S.H. or another charitable organization should be given the opportunity to remove useable items. Doors, shelves, cabinets, sinks, toilets, electrical and plumbing fixtures and the bar.

Revenues from the sale of these items would provide food for the hungry as well as giving parts of Adele’s new life.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City


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