Letters to the Editor for April 4, 2020

Useable items could help others

It looks like Adele’s will not be moved. Before it is demolished, volunteers from F.I.S.H. or another charitable organization should be given the opportunity to remove useable items. Doors, shelves, cabinets, sinks, toilets, electrical and plumbing fixtures and the bar.

Revenues from the sale of these items would provide food for the hungry as well as giving parts of Adele’s new life.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

The president keeps ‘winning’

Way to go Mr. President; we’re No. 1. Trump always said that we would have so much winning that we would get sick of it. And correct he was. America has now the most cases of COVID-19; more than any other country. Sick we are.

At first Trump said the virus is a hoax by Dems to attack him; later changed his tune realizing it’s real as people died. But still didn’t consider a nationwide shutdown of non-essential business and social distancing to slow the spread as proposed by health professionals and taken heed by some governors.

Instead he said he wanted us to gather together again in churches and other places by Easter, telling us things will be fine, contradicting the health professionals. The GOP chorus is “let people die” and the economy soar. But they don’t seem to understand that the economy is we the people, i.e. consumers. He later changed his tune and continued social distancing through April. We should not forget this come November.

Vince Agamennone

Carson City


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