Trina Machacek: Music and writing

Music makes me happy. Of course, so does a nice quiet place occasionally. Hey, I’m a girl; my moods change with the tick of the clock. For the most part, though, I would choose music to surround me. Not all kinds of music. I will not go into the kinds I don’t enjoy. Just know that a rousing beat is more to my liking than, say, something you might hear while trying to stay awake when listening or on the other end trying to stop your ears from bleeding from the loud sounds and somewhat questionable lyrics. No, I just like good ole music from comfortable country to, of course, get-up-and-dance rock-n-roll.

There are many songs we all can relate to. One of those for me is “Rocket Man” by Elton John. I have had a relationship with that song from when it came out in 1972. My first book, which is tucked safely in a file cabinet just waiting for me to make it a better book, was a story that was surrounded by that song. I really think that we all have a song we have a relationship with. That one song. Playing on the radio when that first kiss happened. The wedding song. “Our” song. The song that will be playing when two people come together for the first time. The song that played when the news of a life or sadly news of death was delivered to your ears. Of course, imagine hearing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” when you learn of infidelity. Yeah, probably not a good sign.

“Rocket Man” is making a resurgence of late, and I am jealous of those who are just learning the meaning of the words. When I was enthralled by the song, there were some words that I could not make out in the song so I asked a friend who was into music and lived down the street to write all the words down for me. I was amazed at the feeling I got when I could finally read all the words. Since I couldn’t sing the whole song, I would just bumble through and move my lips and hum where I didn’t know the words. Come on now, I think we all do that. Ha, ha. But! Yes, a sing-song “but.” But then I had the whole story the song was telling in black and white on paper in my hands. The part about being “up there alone” fit the story I was writing. That was when I really figured out that music and I would be lifelong friends, even though I am one that cannot carry a tune in a bucket or play more than a dozen songs (badly) on a piano. That doesn’t matter with me and music. Music is forgiving at the same time it is giving. Magical actually, isn’t it?

I am on Facebook and rather new to that world. Happily, I have new friends. One that I follow is a group of young men who have formed a group, a band, a musical friendship that is growing in popularity and, in their own rights, they are becoming musicians and growing up with passion and pride in what they do. For this band, the Moonshine Outlaws out of Elko, music is their passion and their passion is palpable. Reaching for that passion is what we do each time we undertake something in our lives. Passion pushes us to get the job done the best way we can. Passion is not just for romance, you know. Of course, passion does go nicely hand in hand with romance. Ha, ha.

It’s hard to find let alone keep all passion alive and well. Trying to keep upbeat, moving forward and being driven toward something should not be hard. It should just come to you. That’s how you know if it is truly your passion or just a thing, a passing fancy. If it is a passion, it comes easily, happily, energetically, eagerly. Finding your passion is a journey everyone takes. Is it being a welder? A baker? A mechanic? A farmer, rancher, bartender, musician, crop duster? Oh, trust me, it has taken me blabbity, blabbity years to finally find my passion, writing, but I can now claim, just like Archimedes, “Eureka, I have found it!” Hopefully, Cody and his Outlaw Moonshine band of brothers see that, too. You will, too, I hope. If you haven’t yet, find your passion, uh, with or without romance.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nev. Find her on Facebook, Instagram or share with her at Really!


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