Commission sets marathon session for justice candidates

Douglas County commissioners have set aside 3-1/2 hours Thursday to hear from applicants for East Fork Justice of the Peace and to fill the vacancy created last month by the resignation of Jim EnEarl.

With minimal requirements and an annual salary of $103,417.60, the county received 35 applications from people interested in completing the last two years of EnEarl's term.

If the new justice wants to keep the job, he or she will have to seek election for a six-year term in 2012.

Each applicant has been invited to make a three-minute pitch to the board Thursday. At the conclusion, commissioners are set to deliberate for 30 minutes before making their decision.

They also could decide to delay the appointment.

"At their discretion, if they believe they don't have enough information to make an informed decision, they can make the appointment whenever they feel it's appropriate," County Manager T. Michael Brown said Friday.

Senior Judge Steven McMorris is filling in at East Fork through September, but his contract can be renewed for the next month.

Hopefuls had until Aug. 20 to submit their resumes and letters of interest which were distributed to the board last week, leaving a brief time period to review all the applications and meet with the candidates.

"It would have been very challenging if not impossible for all five of the commissioners to have been able to meet all 35 applicants before Thursday," Brown said.

He said commissioners wanted each candidate to have an opportunity to address the board. Commissioners are not required to take public comment for that portion of the meeting.

To be considered for the judgeship, the applicant must be a resident and qualified voter in East Fork Township with a high school diploma or equivalent.

The applicant must be a United States citizen, minimum age 18, and a resident of the state for six months and East Fork township for 30 days.

The applicant must have never been convicted of treason or a felony or judged incompetent.

The only other requirement to be East Fork justice of the peace is that the candidate never faced discipline resulting in removal or retirement from judicial office.


Mary James, 53, Gardnerville, legal assistant

Kip R. Steele, 59, Gardnerville, investigator, Nevada Real Estate Division

Therese M. Abraham-Noble, 53, Minden, bakery owner, photographer and video producer

Wayne A. Fazzino, 57, Minden, special investigator, Nevada Attorney General's office

Rev. Dr. Jane Foraker-Thompson, 72, Gardnerville, retired criminologist

Thomas E. Perkins, 59, Minden, attorney

Mark Owens, 51, Gardnerville Ranchos, auto-cad draftsman and survey instrument operator

Laura Valentine, 48, Gardnerville Ranchos, business owner, clinical program planner, rural clinics and services, Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services

Erik A. Levin, 51, Minden, Douglas County deputy district attorney

Travis Funk, 40, Minden, contractor

Kelly Chase, 58, Minden, attorney

Brian C. Mehrer, Gardnerville Ranchos, physical education instructor

John Louritt, 64, Gardnerville, casino surveillance department manager, former police detective

Michael Lenzi, 51, Gardnerville, retired correctional officer

Travis J. Phillips, 30, Minden, civil engineer

Tami J. DiSalvo, 45, Gardnerville, supervising deputy probation officer, El Dorado County

Peter D. Quenzer, 70, Genoa, retired property manager, volunteer court bailiff

Nancy L. Downey, 58, Genoa, sociologist, marketing consultant

Robert Priscaro, 52, Gardnerville, El Dorado County deputy district attorney

Jennifer Yturbide, 50, Minden, attorney

Jesse W. McKone, 41, deputy sheriff

Anthony Spotts, 30, Gardnerville, administrative secretary

Edward Jurzenski, 59, Zephyr Cove

Mary E. Hobbs, 44, Indian Hills, legal assistant

Ursula McManus, 60, Gardnerville, district court judicial assistant

Justin M. Clouser, 60, Minden, attorney

Steve Thaler, 52, Minden, director, Douglas County Juvenile Camp Services

Rory Planeta, 59, Minden, chief, Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing

Jim Slade, 62, Gardnerville, international guide

Gail L. Allen, Minden, self-employed accounting and computer consultant;

Pamela B. Sturlin, 63, Gardnerville, legal office manager

Ronald F. Cauley, 56, Gardnerville, attorney

Steven Lane, 48, Minden, business executive

Doreen Nelson, Minden, project manager

David J. Luce, 47, Gardnerville, correctional officer


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