Genoa drainage project moves forward

The oldest public works project in Nevada's oldest town may finally have settled on a configuration.

Work on the Carson Street drainage started six years ago and has been on the verge of finishing for more than a year.

Town Engineer Tim Russell said plans for final completion are at the county for approval.

Under the latest proposal a pipeline will go under Foothill Road at Carson Street and then travel south down the east side of Foothill until it reaches the drainage structure for Genoa Creek at Candy Dance Lane.

Russell said he hoped that construction would be done in October after Candy Dance.

On Tuesday night town board members approved a revised contract for access to a $45,000 Nevada Department of Transportation grant. The contract had to be revised to account for the new route of the drainage line.

The project will prevent water from flooding the downtown area in heavy storms. Carson Street follows the old drainage of Genoa Creek, which was rerouted south of Candy Dance Lane.

During heavy storms, floodwaters used to run down Carson Street or overflow the banks of the stream.

The Carson Street project started in 2005, but concerns over the discharge, has required the town to change its plans and the pipeline's route at least twice.

Work to get floodwaters around Genoa has been ongoing since 2001 when the drainage between Nixon Street and Genoa Lane was begun.


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