The R-C Morning Report

Jury selection in a landmark civil case between Park Cattle Co. and the owners of the Horizon Casino is expected to begin today. Cross complaints between Park and Wimar Entertainment were filed between November and December 2005. Wimar sued in a preemptive strike against Park, which threatened to cancel the lease on the land where the Horizon and its parking garage sit. Park claimed the Horizon was failing to keep up the property. The trial is expected to take nearly two months. Don't expect that to end it. Wimar has already appealed twice to the Nevada Supreme Court in the case.

The wheelman in a drug deal faces three years in prison this morning if he's found to be in violation of his probation. James D. Goldberg, 48, admitted in February 2007 to being the driver in a drug deal involving 30 grams of methamphetamine. Goldberg is at the top of a long list of cases in Judge Michael Gibbons' courtroom this morning.

There's a cloud on the horizon Wednesday, but otherwise it should be nice today and Tuesday. The high today is predicted to be 51 degrees. The high Tuesday will be 58 as a new front shovels warm air out in front of it. There's a slight chance of showers during the day Wednesday.


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