RC Morning Report: Wimar, Pine Nut accident

Opening arguments in the case of Wimar Tahoe and Park Cattle took six hours on Wednesday. It was 4 p.m. before the jury starting hearing testimony. The estimate we'd heard was 90 minutes each, so I hope that doesn't mean everything in this trial is going to take twice as long. To clarify, Wimar is technically the plaintiff in the case, because they sued first back in 2005 in an attempt to keep Park Cattle from evicting them. Park Cattle responded with its own lawsuit soon after.

I expect will receive an identification on the man who was killed on Highway 395 and the names of the two drivers sometime this morning. We'll post it when it comes in. This is the first fatal accident in Douglas County so far this year and it occurred on what I consider one of our most dangerous stretches of road.

It's going to be sunny on this Valentine's Day, but chilly, with a predicted high temperature of 38 degrees. The mercury will crawl out of the cellar pretty quickly though with the high on Friday hitting 49 and the highs over the weekend climbing into the 50s. We're seeing a slight chance of rain in the middle of next week. It's 25 degrees out with a slight breeze, which makes it feel like it's 12 degrees.


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